m3u8 file

2016-07-18 03:33:53
The server figures out where the ad should be based on URL arguments, it figures out what it the creative and return it as a m3u8.
Streaming options.
m3u8 file
Avantages* You can have more than one video as part of the response. * The server load is pretty light so you would not need too many servers to support it. * We can easily switch from one CDN to another.
Inconvénients* Some platforms may not be supporting it. * The players would need to make an extra call to load the videos. * We do not have a direct view on which videos are loaded by whom unless we add tracking parameter. * 302 is not supported within a m3u8 by JWPlayer.
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    2016-07-18 03:33:53
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