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Shelly Cloud


Shelly Cloud is built and optimised for Ruby apps. This means your apps get automatic configuration and intelligent routing. No more overpaying because your app isn't multithreaded.

You can start with a single server for a staging environment. Add more servers when you launch. With Shelly Cloud, you can scale your app in minutes as your userbase grows.

Deploy with git push. Manage cloud layout with a Cloudfile stored in your repository. Version control your infrastructure.

Servers are located in France and Germany.

Shelly Cloud
Development StatusProduction
Technologies supportéesRuby
Open source
Hébergement en CloudOui PaaS (platform-as-a-service)
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Base de donnéesPostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
PluginsOui Clockwork, Delayed Job, ElasticSearch, Memcache, Persisted file storage, SSL, Sidekiq, Varnish, Websockets, Websockets, Whenever
Console, tableau de bord centraliséOui
Réseaux sociaux

In Shelly Cloud you are paying for virtual servers, where you can run many services (such as application servers and database servers) without additional costs for them.

There two kinds of virtual servers:

  • small virtual server (with 1 virtual core with 1GB of RAM)
  • * large virtual server (with 2 virtual cores with 2GB of RAM)

In both cases you pay for an hour of the server running. For small virtual server €0.0287 per hour (around €21/month) and €0.0548 per hour (around €41/month) for large one.

Additional costs are for services such as storage, network traffic and private ip address (for SSL domains):

  • Database storage: €0.60 for each exceeded GB
  • Filesystem storage: €0.20 for each exceeded GB
  • Network traffic: €10 for each exceeded TB
  • Private IP: €10

Shelly Cloud gives €20 free credit on the first cloud.

More information you can find on pricing page:

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