TypeUnity (3D)MarkerWeb3D Object TrackingGPSRecherche visuelleSuivi de visageContentAPISite web
XZIMG Augmented VisionFree + Commercial SDK optionOuiOuiOui HTML5Oui
EasyARFree + Commercial SDK
ARmediaFree + Commercial SDK
HERE Mobile SDKFree + Commercial SDK optionOuiOuiOuiOui HERE Maps, LiveSight
Metaio SDK (now Apple inc)Free + Commercial SDK option-OuiOuiOuiOuiOui Client-based +100 unique objects, cloud-based continuous visual search engineOuiOui OpenGL support, in-house 3-D
RobocortexFree + Commercial SDK
Banuba Face FIlters SDKCommercial SDK
Kudan AR EngineFree + Commercial SDK optionOui With SLAMOuiNonOui SLAMOuiOui unlimited local visual search (no network connection required)- Extensible with FT/FR
ARMESCommercial SDK
Zenitum Feature TrackerCommercial SDK
DroidARFreeOuiOuiOui- can be added via opencvNonOui OpenGL or jMonkey
flare*Free + Commercial SDK
WikitudeFree + Commercial SDK optionOui 3D Tracking IncludedOui AdvancedOuiOuiOui Cloud Recognition and Offline (on device)- Face DetectionOui with Wikitude Studio and Cloud
VuforiaFree + Commercial SDK optionOuiOui Advanced + VUMarkNonOui Only on box and cylinder and small size 3D objects tooOuiOuiNonOui With Vuforia
ARToolkitOpen SourceOuiOui
ARcrowdFreeNonOui Black / WhiteOui HTML5
Vidinoti PixLiveFree + Commercial SDK optionOui Image, QR codeOuiOui Using Google TangoOui & beaconsOui Cloud and offline recognitionOui PixLive
MAXST AR SDK 4.1Free + Commercial SDK optionOuiOui Marker / QR Code Tracker / QR/Barcode ReaderOui Visual SLAM, Object TrackerNonOui Cloud Recognition, Image TrackerNonOui OpenGL, Metal, SceneKit, MAXST Cloud
XloudiaCommercial SDK onlyOuiOui MarkerlessOuiOuiOui OptionnallyOuiOui but not for mobileOui
CatchoomFree + Commercial SDK optionOuiOui MarkerlessOuiOui Supports both cloud for very large collections and on-device search of hundreds of images (with no internet connection required)
HoloBuilderFree + Commercial SDK optionOuiOui QR codesOui (HTML 5 Browser)
Obvious EngineCommercial SDK
IN2ARFree + Commercial SDK optionOuiOui Flash-based,
ARPAFree + Commercial SDK optionOuiOuiOui
LinceoVRCommercial SDK
AurasmaFree + Commercial SDK optionOui
BazARFree + Commercial SDK
Win ARFree + Commercial SDK
StringFree + Commercial SDK
KoozytCommercial SDK
Designers ARToolkit (DART)
Augmented PixelsFree + Commercial SDK
yvisionFree + Commercial SDK
Goblin XNAOpen
MXR ToolkitOpen
ARLabFree + Commercial SDK optionOui QR codeOuiOui Support for thousands of images in pools of 50-60
ALVARFreeOui Tracks multiple markers; 256 possible markersOui Flash,
Magic FaceFree + Commercial SDK optionOuiOui HTML5 WEBGLOuiOuiOui GLES, METAL,
Luxand FaceSDKCommercial SDK onlyOui Facial
omniar.comCommercial SDK
ViewdleCommercial SDK
xpose visual searchCommercial SDK onlyOuiOui via website or
DeepAR.aiFree + Commercial SDK
Beyond Reality FaceFree + Commercial SDK optionOui Flash-based and HTML5/
AwilaFree + Commercial SDK
instantrealityFree + Commercial SDK
PanicARFree + Commercial SDK
Microsoft Read/Write