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SummaryAn easy-to-use, comprehensive marine industry management software solution that integrates financial accounting, purchasing and inventory management, boat repair management, automated work flows, invoicing and employee time management for boatyards and boat-building operations.Software for inventory, work order, sales, storage, accounting and customer service managementa flexible tool designed to help marina managers to manage and control most of the marina's day-to-day processes in an efficient and effective way.Suite of integrated software tools designed specifically for the Marine industry; manage all profit centers and their workflow.Meet the advanced needs of Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Boat Yards, Dockiminiums, Storage Facilities or Campgrounds.
Media Linkhttp://www.corvant.com/Products/PierVantageatWorkhttps://youtu.be/lENjMFcXyGIhttp://www.marinasoftware.info/trainingevents/recordedsessions.php#introductory
Vendor NameCorVant, LLC (Formerly of Cordjia - thru 2012)BIT Marine SoftwareClearWater Marina Management SystemsExuma TechnologiesEzidebit Pty LtdProfessional SoftwareKord Information Systems, LLCProlifik Software
Starting Price79 USD2999 USD
Cross-platformOui offline access?Oui Mac/PC (hybrid depl. add-on)
Documentation- ?OuiOui
Live OnlineOui During implementationOuiOui
In PersonOui 3 days at Go-LiveOuiOui
SupportResponsive support team available (phone/email?)Business HoursOptional. Full from $149.99/mo or $65/hr 9-5 + $399 version upgrades
Core Features
User Licenses3 (server + 2)
Custom ReportingOui Marketing, periodic, email/batch, graphical
POS- optional module
CRMOuiOui Integrated email client
Extra Featurestech time entryEnv/label printing, mail merge, auto notes, dashboard calendar
Max Workstations100
CMS Integration
Autre intégation de contacts
Third Party Integration- ?
Accounting ManagementOui Sustainability/Facility Governance Tracking?OuiOuiOui
Sage 50 Integration
Credit Card ProcessingOui 3rd-party provider
Paiement en ligneOui-
Auto PaymentsOuiOui
Retail/Cash SalesOuiOui End-Of-Day
Closeout/Banking ReportsOui flexible timing/frequency,
Auto BillingOui
Online ReportingOuiOui incl. accountant exports
Accounts PayableOui
Recurring TransactionsNon
Memorized TransactionsNon
- Service Mgmt
Storage MgmtOui- ?
Haul/Launch SchedulingOui- ?
Maintenance SchedulingNon (?)Non ?
Estimating- "detailed" in opt. module (?)Non ?
Work OrdersOuiNon ?
In-House Work OrdersNon ?
Purchase OrdersOui
- Inventory
Inventory ControlOui drill-down to invoice/customer?Oui
Inventory Low-Qty AlertsOui
Inventory Multi-pack Buy/SellOui = unit of measure conversion?Oui
Inventory Bulk Price ChangesOui
Vendor Price File ImportOui drag-and-drop
Audit Trail LoggingOui
Permissions Roles/Groups
Auto Log-out
Vendor Details
CountryUnited StatesUnited StatesUnited StatesNew Zealand
Demoone-time live, scheduledhttp://www.marinasoftware.info/productsservices/software/trial.php?src=pspro
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Draft approvalOui