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AkamaiAmazon Route 53ClouDNSDivision120dns.comDNS Made EasyDNS4.PRODNSEverDNSEXITdnsparkDNSPoddollardns.netDynDNSDynecteasyDNSEntryDNSGSLB.meLoadDNSnamecheapnetriplexNetticano-ipNSOneOpenDNSPointDNS/PointHQ/Copper.ioPowerDNSRage4UltraDNS/NeustarZerigoZoneEditZonomi
Offers Anycast NetworkYes 18 locations worldwideNoNoYesYesYes 30 serversNoNoYes 5 servers on paid plansNoNoNoYes 17 PoP AnycastYes 25 serversNoYes 12 datacenters across the globeYes 14 nodesNoYesNoYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Server Locations181753171211121235
Dynamic DNS UpdatesYesYes With Paid plansYesYes via APIYes with TSIGYes Web & APIYes Special DynECT DDNS PackageYes Dynamic DNS updates can be performed using the popular ddclient (dyndns2 protocol) or via free REST APIsYesYes Web & API: Free Dynamic DNS and Plus DNS for DNS on your own domain name- N/AYesNoYesYes
Free Plan?YesYesNoYes 5 domainsYes 10 records limitYesYes 2 hosts on provided domainsNoNoYesYes 1 authoritative zone (max 20 records) and 1 dynamic load-balanced FQDN (geohost)NoYesNoYes 3 hosts on provided domainsYes Unlimited Zones, 50 RRsYesYes 250,000 queries, unlimited domains & RRsYes 3 domains, 50k queries/moNoYes
Max RRs?Default: 10,000 You can request more here: on Tier10 / Unlimited on highest tier5000 - You can request moreFree usage: 20, Pro users: unrestricted50 for Free Tier Unlimited for All Others Tiers0Depends on tier
Queries IncludedRoute 53 is pay-per-use: $0.50 per million queries for the first 1 billion queries/month $0.25 per million queries after that5 mil/mo500,000UnlimitedUnlimited2.5 million DNS queries per month - $200/moNo limitations on the number of queriesUnlimited5M/mo free1 mil/mo1M/mo
Query Overage$0.50 per million$1.60-$6/mil/mo$5M/mo2 Euro per domain over 250,000 requests; then 1 Euro for requests over 1M$2.50-$4.90/million/month
NameAkamaiAmazon Route 53ClouDNSDivision120dns.comDNS Made EasyDNS4.PRODNSEverDNSEXITdnsparkDNSPoddollardns.netDynDNSDynecteasyDNSEntryDNSGSLB.meLoadDNSnamecheapnetriplexNetticano-ipNSOneOpenDNSPointDNS/PointHQ/Copper.ioPowerDNSRage4UltraDNS/NeustarZerigoZoneEditZonomi
Additional FeaturesDNSSEC, slaveTSIG Security Updates6 dynamic load balancing algorithms (round robin, any available, priority, weighted, proximity, georouting). Geographical balancing includes proximity balancing and geo-routing. Full authoritative DNS and Dynamic DNS supported.Built-in Monitoring, Failover Support, Global Server Load Balancing, Weighting, Sticky Sessions, User Access Management2-factor auth with Authy
Minimum TTL0560115 seconds06060
PTR RRYes For All ZonesYes only for in-addr.arpaYes for all zones
SPF RRYesYesNo only TXTYes
Price for 1 domain$1.00 per month per hosted zone$24.95/mo$29.95/yr$20/yr0.1 Euros/month$0$23/mo24.95/yr$02.00/year$30/moFREE
Price for 10 domains$54.95/mo$29.95/yr1 Euro/month$0$017.00/year$20/yr
Price for 25 domains$59.95/yr3 Euro/month$0$036.25/year$39/yr
Price for 100 domains$210/yr$200/mo10 Euro/month$0Yes.$0125/year$99/yr
Last update2013-01-22 10:07:132011-06-16 23:38:422014-03-04 03:27:322014-03-04 03:23:422014-03-04 03:23:422011-06-13 02:56:152014-03-01 16:16:482014-03-04 03:27:322014-03-04 03:23:422014-03-01 15:45:282014-02-24 09:43:532014-03-01 16:16:482014-03-04 03:23:422012-01-26 20:49:222014-03-04 03:23:422014-03-04 03:27:322014-11-09 00:09:302014-03-04 03:23:422014-03-04 03:23:422014-03-04 03:23:422014-03-04 03:23:422014-02-24 09:45:062014-03-05 03:31:212013-02-18 01:42:462014-03-04 13:05:272011-06-13 02:56:152014-03-04 03:23:422014-03-04 02:52:262014-03-04 13:05:272014-03-04 03:23:422014-03-04 03:23:42
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  • Hello,here I would like to introduce our new application,DNS30 Professional Edition. Route 53 is designed to automatically scale to handle very large query volumes without any intervention from user.We have developed a UI tool for this interface – DNS30 Professional Edition.We also have online interface for this application.
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