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2017-09-12 21:59:38
Apple iPod Touch 2nd generationApple iPod Touch 4GApple iPhone 4SApple iPhone 5sApple iPhone 6sApple iPad Air
Product details
Height110 mm4.4 in115.2 mm123.8 mm138.3 mm240 mm
Width61 mm2.3 in58.6 mm58.6 mm67.1 mm169.5 mm
Depth8.4 mm0.28 in9.3 mm7.6 mm7.1 mm7.5 mm
Weight115 g3.56 oz140 g112 g143 g469 g
Price299 USD399 USD
Front cameraYes 0.9 MPYes 0.3 MPYes 1.2 MPYes 5MPYes 1.2MP
Rear cameraYesYes 8 MPYes 8 MPYes 5MP
Resolution0.9 megapixels8 megapixels8 megapixels12 megapixels
Video formatH-264 (MOV)H-264 (MOV)
Slow motion videoNoYes
Max. video resolution1280×720 @30fps1920×1080 @30fps1920×1080 @30fps4K @30fps
Technical features
ProcessorARM 533MhzApple A4 1GhzApple A5 dual core, 32bitApple A7 1.3Ghz dual core, 64bitApple A9, 64bitApple A7
RAM128 MB256 MB1 GB1 GB2 GB1 GB
Built-in memory8 GB - 32GB8 GB - 64 GB16 GB - 64 GB16 GB, 32GB, 64GB16 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB16 GB - 128 GB
Screen resolution320x480960x640960x6401136x6401334x7502048x1536
Pixel density326 ppi326 ppi264 ppi
Weight115 g3.56 oz140 g112 g143 g469 g
Technical details
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    2017-09-12 21:59:38
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