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2011-07-17 22:54:16
Comparison of Loremo cars (Loremo LS vs Loremo GT vs Loremo EV)
Loremo LSLoremo GTLoremo EV
Product details
Price17000 EUR24000 EUR30000 EUR
Engine2-cylinder Turbodiesel2-cylinder Petrol engineCentral Electric Motor
Power20 kW / 28 HP45 kW / 60 HP40 kW / 54 HP
Acceleration (0-63 km/h)20 s10 s 12 s11 s
Consumption2 L/100 km (120 mpg US)3 L/100 km (78 mpg-US)6 kwh/100 km
Tank (Litre)20 L (5.3 US gal)20 L (5.3 US gal)lithium ion accumulator
Fuel range1000 km (620 mi)700 km (430 mi)150 km (93 mi)
Maximum speed170 km/h (106 mph)220 km/h (137 mph)140 km/h (87 mph)
Air resistanceCw=0.2; Cw×A=0.25 m²Cw=0.2; Cw×A=0.25 m²Cw=0.2; Cw×A=0.25 m²
Length3.75 m3.75 m3.75 m
Width1.4 m1.4 m1.4 m
Height1.14 m1.14 m1.14 m
Weight550 kg550 kg650 kg
Video tourhttp://youtu.be/wtlQ5EcoUxshttp://youtu.be/wtlQ5EcoUxshttp://youtu.be/wtlQ5EcoUxs
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    Posted 2011-05-05 11:29:35 by axellec
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    ecological ! :-)
    Français Posted 2010-06-16 04:31:20 by Vanina

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