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2019-02-25 06:13:32

ProofHub vs Basecamp vs Teamwork

For a complete list of management system:

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Video tour
LicenseSaaSCloud-Based SaaSCloud-Based SaaS
LDAP supportNoYesNoYes
Gantt chartNoYes Interactive, sleek, instantly created from task list- With external pluginsYesNoYesNo
Pricing details
Hosted solutionsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Available as standalone softwareNo-NoYesNoNo
In frenchYesNoYes
Visual customizationYes Can add widgets to the Dashboard, can set folder color- logoYes Logo, ColorYes logo
Twitter supportYesNoYes
Mobile versionYesYes iOS, AndroidYesYesYes
Email notificationsYesYes Full email integration: create tasks from emails:
Social networkNo
PricingFrom $50/mo for Asana Premium team (with 15 users).Pro: $49/mo paid annually Enterprise: need to contact them
  • Basic plan: $24/month (15 projects, 5 GB file storage)
  • Plus: $49/month (35 projects, 15 GB file storage)
  • Premium: $99/month (100 projects, 30 GB file storage)
  • Max: $149/month (unlimited projects, 75 GB file storage)
  • Essential: $45/month (40 projects, Unlimited users, 15GB storage)
  • Ultimate Control: $89/month (Unlimited projects, Unlimited users, 100GB storage)
Document VersioningYesNoYesYes
Free trial periodYesYes 30 daysYes
Livechat supportYesNoYes
Free planYes Unlimited tasks, projects and conversations; up to 15 team members; basic dashboards and basic searches.Yes 5 users, unlimited collaboratorsYes 1 project, 2 Writeboards, 10 MB file storageYesYes 2 active projects, unlimited usersYes
Live chatNoYesYesYesYes Optional free module
Forums & BlogsYes BlogYesYesYes
Time tracking / TimesheetsYesNoYesYes daily/ weekly - approval processNo
Document editingYes via Google DocsYesNoYesYesNo
Online browser editingYes via Google DocsYes Native, plus integration with Google Docs and with Box, both of which have browser editingNoYes
Document sharing and storageYesYes Can upload files and can also use Google DocsYesYesYesNo
Project integrationYesYesYesYes
Import from external resources (GoogleDocs, etc)YesYes Google Docs integration; Excel; MS ProjectNoYes Google Drive, Dropbox, BoxYes FTP - S3 - SVN - SAMBA
Access rights managementYesYes Folders can be shared individually among users. External collaborators can be added.YesYesYes Role based on single project or globalYes
Description/Tags for documentsYesNoYesYes
Security level (https usage)YesYesYes
Report generationYesYes Workload per userYesYesYesNo
Export dataYes Export/import folders and tasks as Excel spreadsheetsYes HTML, XMLYes XML (atom)Yes Excel, pdf, json
SSL SecurityYesYesYesYesYes
Issue trackingYesYes Ability to create custom tagsNoYesNoYes Kanban view - issue planning
Portfolio managementYesYes possible with excellent tools like roadmapYesYes
Workflow systemYes Using SectionsYesNoYesYes Based on JBPM. Supports BPM based flow definitionYes
Resource managementYes Workload view, custom fields for tasks- Rudimentary in Basecamp. The new basecamp does not support time tracking which really kills resource management. However, roadmap, which bi-directionally links with Basecamp, does an excellent job of this.Yes ProofHub offers time tracking feature. Track work flow of projects from anywhere and anytime.Yes Resource planning - workload
Phone SupportYesNoYes
Contacts Address BookYes Can use folders to store contact info in rich text formatNoYesYes
Shared CalendarYesNoYesYes
OpenID AuthenticationYesYes Sign in with Google accountNoNoYes
Automatic Tracking timerYesNoYesYesNo
Project MilestonesYesNoYesYes
Tasks managementYesYesYesYesYes Basic Task ManagementYes task list - templates - gantt chartYes
Import Basecamp dataYes It is already Basecamp data...YesYes
Freshbooks integrationYesNoYesYes
Video tutorialsYesYesYes
Public Feedback SystemYes Uservoice: http://vote.wrike.comYes "Answers" ForumsYes
Schedule meetingsYesYesNoYesYes
Phone conferencingYesNoNo
Pricing plansFree: 5 users, unlimited collaborators Professional: $49 per month (5 users, annual subscription), $99 per month (15 users, annual subscription) Enterprise: on request
  • Basic plan: $24/month (15 projects, 5 GB file storage)
  • Plus: $49/month (35 projects, 15 GB file storage)
  • Premium: $99/month (100 projects, 30 GB file storage)
  • Max: $149/month (unlimited projects, 75 GB file storage)
  • Essential: $45/month (40 projects, Unlimited users, 15GB storage)
  • Ultimate Control: $89/month (Unlimited projects, Unlimited users, 100GB storage)
Link contacts with tasks/projectsYes Cross-task dependenciesYesYesYes
Inbuillt Browser ChatNoYes
Casper Mode (Hidden-Mode)NoNo
Email IntegrationYesNoYes
Skill SetsNoYes
Standalone SoftwareNoYes
Android SupportYesYesYesYes
Email integration- You can Create tasks, comment, assign and complete tasks via e-mail.Yes Full email integration + Outlook add-in, Mac Mail add-in, Gmail plug-inYesYes
TagsYesYes- Called labels. Limited to 7 currently.
CalendarYes Tasks with Due date set are placed on calendar available as iCal feedYesYesYesYesNo
Multiple Team SupportYesYesYes
Tasks delegationYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Task hierarchyYesYesNoYesNoYesNo
ShortcutsYes Almost all features are Keyboard-accessibleYesYes
Developer APIYesYesYes
SubtasksNoYesYesYes 2 levels
Google Apps integrationYesYes Gmail contextual gadget to create tasks from emailYes Google DriveYes
Data importMulti-line Pate alows creation of multiple tasks at once (one task per line)Excel and MS ProjectFrom dropbox, google drive and basecampvia API
Drag & DropYesYesNoYesYes
dropbox integrationYesYesYes
Estimate task timeNo- via 3rd party extensions
task overdueYesYes
task over estimateYes
project billing
expenses logging
list management
Solution SaasYes
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