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2018-12-29 00:36:01
SOC TypeCore TypeNo. Of CoresCPU ClockRAMPrice
Raspberry Pi Zero WHBroadcom BCM2835ARM1176JZF-S11 GHz512 MB15 USD
Raspberry Pi Zero WBroadcom BCM2835ARM1176JZF-S11 GHz512 MB10 USD
Raspberry Pi ZeroBroadcom BCM2835ARM1176JZF-S11 GHz512 MB5 USD
Raspberry Pi 3Broadcom BCM2837Cortex-A53 64-bit41.2 GHz1 GB DDR235 USD
Raspberry Pi 2Broadcom BCM2836Cortex-A74900 MHz1 GB35 USD
Raspberry Pi A+Broadcom BCM2835ARM1176JZF-S1700 MHz256 MB20 USD
Raspberry Pi BBroadcom BCM2835ARM1176JZF-S1700 MHz512 MB35 USD
Raspberry Pi 3 B+Broadcom BCM2837B0Cortex-A53 64-bit41.4 GHz1 GB DDR235 USD
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    2018-12-29 00:36:01
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