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2017-10-04 15:26:17
Compare Comidor vs Basecamp vs Podio vs Asana vs Wrike vs Trello vs ProofHub
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PlatformWeb-appWeb-appWeb-AppWeb-appWeb-appWeb-app Mobile apps
Free trial periodYes 30 daysYes Demo VersionYes 14 daysYes 30 daysYes
PricingFrom $50/mo for Asana Premium team (with 15 users).
  • Basic plan: $24/month (15 projects, 5 GB file storage)
  • Plus: $49/month (35 projects, 15 GB file storage)
  • Premium: $99/month (100 projects, 30 GB file storage)
  • Max: $149/month (unlimited projects, 75 GB file storage)
PROFESSIONAL-$10(EC Enterprise Collaboration,PM Project Management FULL package and many more features!) ENTERPRISE-$20(EC Enterprise Collaboration,PM Project Management,BPM Business Processes and many more features!) ELASTIC Contact us and choose the packages & Installation that best fits your needs!From €10/month/user
  • Essential: $45/month (40 projects, Unlimited users, 15GB storage)
  • Startup: $135/month (Unlimited projects, Unlimited users, 100GB storage)
GratuitPro: $49/mo paid annually Enterprise: need to contact them
Multi-languageYesYes English, French, Spanish, German, ChineseYes Polish, English, Portuguese, French, German, SpanishYes Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese
Product FeaturesYes Project planning with Gantt chart (workpackages creation) or ready-to-use workflows,Kanban boards,Process monitoring,Customized Reports and Business Intelligence Tools,Process Automation with Workflows, Process Scheduling and Process TemplatesYes Gantt Chart, Tasks lists, Shared Calendar, Wiki, Documents, Discussions, Timesheets, WorkloadsYes Gantt chart, Group chat, Reports, Proofing tool, Time tracking, Notes, Discussions and moreYes Robust project management: interactive Gantt chart with dependencies, critical path, baseline reports, resource planning, budgeting, etc.
Product ReviewsYes
TagsYes Procces Management, Business, Project Management, Collaboration, Cloud, CRM, Finance, Business IntelligenceYesYes Collaboration, Project management, Time management
RSS FeedYes
Mobile VersionYesYesYes
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Embedded Email ClientYesYesYesYesNoNoNo
CalendarYes Tasks with Due date set are placed on calendar available as iCal feedYesYes Interactive Calendar with drag-n-drop functionality, where personal/group/supervised tasks and events are placed.· Quickly add and monitor pending or completed tasks · Different views (daily, weekly, monhtly, grid)YesYesYesYesYes
Real-Time communicationNoNoYes Chat, Video callsYesYesYes Chat, Group chatNoYes
Document ManagementNoYesYes Sharing, Lock, Versioning, Reviews, Embedded Document view, Dropbox connectionYesYes limited file searchingYesNoYes
Event ManagementNoYesYesYesNoYesNoYes
Issue trackingYesNoYes Issues with photos, maps and related workflowsNoNoNoYes Ability to create custom tags
Discussion BoardNoYesYesYesNoYesYesYes
project management
Project ManagementYesYesYes Gannt Charts, Scheduling, Resources, Resources Cost, Deliverables, Comidor “ECHO” Model, MS Project ImportYesYesYesNoYes
Proofing ToolNoYes
Task ManagementYesYesYes Personal tasks, Orders, Repeated tasks, Related with projects, accounts, documents etc. , reminders on completion or delayYesNoYesYesYes
Resource assignmentYesYesYes
Task assignmentYesYesYesYes
time trackingYesYesYesYes
Team timesheetYesYesYesYes
Auto incrementYes
calendar viewInteractive Calendar with drag-n-drop functionality, where personal/group/supervised tasks and events are placed
Multiple timers
CRMNoNoYes Opportunities, Products Catalog, Campaigns, Funnel Charts, LeadsYesNo- Only by direct link with Salesforce
Third Party IntegrationYesYesYes MS Office, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Maps, PDF, EDIs, Web ServicesYes Google Drive, Google Doc, Google AgendaYesYes Freshbooks, Dropbox, Google Drive, BoxYesYes Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Zapier, Outlook, Mac Mail, Excel, MS Project, Evernote, Marketo, Zendesk, Wufoo, and more.
FinanceNoNoYes Income, Expenses, Budgeting, Cash Flows, ReviewsNoNoNo
Mobile VersionYesYesYes
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    2017-10-04 15:26:17
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  • Compare Comidor vs Basecamp vs Podio vs Asana vs Wrike vs Trello vs ProofHub
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