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Free trial periodYes Demo Version
PricingGet a Plan according to your needs.
Product FeaturesYes Gantt chart (workpackages), ready-to-use workflows,Kanban boards,Process monitoring,Customized Reports and Business Intelligence Tools,Process Automation with Workflows, Process Scheduling-Templates,Low Code development for Digital Transformation
Product ReviewsYes
TagsYes Procces Management, Business, Project Management, Collaboration, Cloud, CRM, Finance, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Low Code development, BPM Platform
RSS FeedYes
Mobile VersionYes
Last update2018-10-09 09:40:33
Embedded Email ClientYes
CalendarYes Interactive Calendar with drag-n-drop functionality, where personal/group/supervised tasks and events are placed.· Quickly add and monitor pending or completed tasks · Different views (daily, weekly, monhtly, grid)
Real-Time communicationYes Chat, Video calls, Internal emai, Comments
Document ManagementYes Sharing, Lock, Versioning, Reviews, Embedded Document view, Dropbox connection
Event ManagementYes
Issue trackingYes Issues with photos, maps and related workflows
Discussion BoardYes
project management
Project ManagementYes Gannt Charts, Scheduling, Resources, Resources Cost, Deliverables, Comidor “ECHO” Model, MS Project Import
WorkflowsYes Comidor Workflow Designer, is used to visualize all types of Business Processes easily with drag-n-drop functionality
Proofing Tool
Task ManagementYes Personal tasks, Orders, Repeated tasks, Related with projects, accounts, documents etc. , reminders on completion or delay
Resource assignmentYes
Task assignmentYes
time trackingYes
Team timesheetYes
Auto increment
calendar viewInteractive Calendar with drag-n-drop functionality, where personal/group/supervised tasks and events are placed
Multiple timers
CRMYes Opportunities, Products Catalog, Campaigns, Funnel Charts, Leads
Third Party IntegrationYes MS Office, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Maps, PDF, EDIs, Web Services
FinanceYes Income, Expenses, Budgeting, Cash Flows, Reviews
Mobile VersionYes
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    2018-10-09 09:40:33
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  • Comidor has changed the way we work!it took our company in a haul new level!With workflows and process scheduling, we achieved to manage time and human error!It is amazing how a software can manage all your work and minimize your anxiety when you have a vast amount of tasks!The fact that my managers can see all my tasks and their duration times saved me from further and unexpected work.
    Posted 2017-02-08 11:00:32 by S.Emery
  • voted for this Item (Like)
    By far the best choice!
    Posted 2017-02-08 10:56:29 by S.Emery

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