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CRM integrationOui Campaigns, Opportunities and Products Catalog
Tasks managementOui Personal tasks, Orders, Repeated tasks, Related with projects, accounts, documents, opportunities, Tasks related to Processes
Contact ManagementOui Contacts, Accounts and Personnel units can be linked with all the other units
Gestion de documentsOui Sharing, Lock, Versioning, Reviews, Embedded Document view, Dropbox connection
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  • Comidor has changed the way we work!it took our company in a haul new level!With workflows and process scheduling, we achieved to manage time and human error!It is amazing how a software can manage all your work and minimize your anxiety when you have a vast amount of tasks!The fact that my managers can see all my tasks and their duration times saved me from further and unexpected work.
    English Posté 2017-02-08 11:00:32 par S.Emery
  • a voté pour ce Elément (J'aime)
    By far the best choice!
    English Posté 2017-02-08 10:56:29 par S.Emery

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