The 7-day Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

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Eating Plan
Number of Days
Day #1• Fruit- Except for Bananas, any other type of fruit is permitted to be eaten. • The only foods to consume on day one are fruits and approximately 2-3 servings of your cabbage soup. • Drinks- Unsweetened teas, cranberry juice, and water are some of the beverages you may drink during the day.
Day #2• Vegetables- For today’s menu, stuff yourself with vegetables of your choice, either cooked or raw vegetables are okay. • Dry beans, peas, and corn are recommended to be avoided. Eating leafy green vegetables is encouraged. • Eat your leafy vegetables along with your soup. • After dinner, treat your stomach to a big baked potato with butter. (No Fruits today.)
Day #3• Day number 3 is a mixture of days 1 and 2. Eat fruits, vegetables, and cabbage soup to your heart’s desire. (No baked potato today!)
Day #4• By day four, your desire for something sweet would be at its peak. • Along with your soup, you are permitted to eat up to 8 bananas throughout your day. • Refresh with as many glasses of skim milk as you want.
Day #5• Protein is a crucial part of every human being’s diet. • For today, eat about 10-20 ounces of beef along with up to 6 fresh tomatoes. • You may substitute your beef for boiled or baked chicken (Absolutely no skin on the chicken) or broiled fish. • It is mandatory to drink about 6-8 glasses of water today to wash the uric acid out of your system. • It is recommended to drink your cabbage soup at least once today.
Day #6• For today’s meal, you can treat yourself to a delicious dinner of beef and vegetables. If you’re feeling that your carnivorous side is coming out, go ahead and enjoy up to 2-3 steaks. Just remember to have a big plate of leafy green vegetables sitting next to it. • Remember to eat your cabbage soup at least once today.
Day #7• Being the last day of your diet, it’s only fair that you get to enjoy some form of carbohydrates. • Today you are permitted to stuff yourself with brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and vegetables. • Eat your soup at least once today
Day #8 and Beyond• Keep in mind that the Cabbage Soup diet isn’t suitable for long-term weight loss. This is a low fat, high fiber diet that will help in shedding up to 8-10 pounds or giving you a quick start. • Although, this diet will definitely help you move on to a longer moderate weight loss diet plan. • Just remember to eat healthily and get plenty of exercises!
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