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Company nameIntelligence Software Ltd1stSelect Recruitment SoftwareAbsolver Software LtdAmrisCandid Software LtdArithonOxford SoftwareBond International SoftwareBond International SoftwareBullhorn IncBusiness File LimitedRemedy HCMS LtdCollier Pickard LtdColleague Software LimitedConcord Software LtdcvmailCVmatchingeBoss Online Recruitment SolutionsEclipse Software Ltde-nGauge LimitedexpressHR services ltdEployePartner Consulting LtdDataCraft Development CompanyFCP Internet LimitedDillistone Systems Ltd.Firefish SoftwarePaloma Systems LimitedPaloma Systems LimitedPaloma Systems LimitedPaloma Systems LimitedGEL Solutions LimitedGEL Solutions LimitedGEL Solutions LimitedGEL Solutions LimitedGEL Solutions Limited2LS LTDHRsmartCordis Technologies LtdHireserve LimitediCIMSDataCraft Development CompanyInfluence LimitedInveniasIQX LimitedIRIS Small BusinessItec SystemsFuturelink Software LimitedMonsterMrTed LimitedRecruitment Software International LtdHotLizard LtdHotLizard LtdHotLizard LtdCrocodile Systems LimitedMain Sequence Technology, IncPeopleclick, Ltd.Microdeci-Business Resources (i-BR)First Choice SoftwareP&A Software SolutionsBrightSky SoftwareRed RabbitReFind Software LimitedSilverline Performance LimitedSnowdropOxford SoftwareSafe ComputingRocket SoftwareTriSys Business SoftwareTroySoftRECRUITadvantageZeel Solutions Limited
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Phone number028 90 9986880844 818 08440333 456 66070870 0116 747+44 (0) 1273 3114500800 078 90180845 1300 33201903 70707001903 7070700208 133 89030121 475 6444Tel: +44 (0) 8444 99490901959 56041001603 7359350208 286 73060800 019 194601603 760605020 7183 06750844 880 22120870 350 749087087301680800 073 424308709 911002020 8367 927801252 333344020 7749 610008456 19444301273 77868801273 77868801273 77868801273 77868801628 660 34601628 660 34601628 660 34601628 660 34601628 660 3460845 685 22300870 80337040845 638 18330844 324 50270118 900 0706020 8367 92780845 371 5273+44 (118) 321 411001835 3400340844 815 5661+44 (0)1892 825 82001275 3313000800 781 437701753 27 21110845 299 723701635 52790001635 52790001635 5279000845 3700737020 7193 6790020 7832 344001277 2277780870 351604001256 31460001908 26511108458 381 3810333 456 66060333 456 66060800 840 721701993 8621810845 1300 3320844 583 213408450 51105501223 393 51901344 7535000786 85538400845 31 31 311
Is it for Temporary, Contract or Permanent recruitmentContract/permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentdesigned for : contract, permanent & low volume temporary recruitmentAll recruitment typesAdaptUX comprehensively manages all permanent, temporary and contract recruitment processes.Bond Talent's flexibility means that the system can easily manage permanent, temporary and contract recruitment.YesTemporary/Contract/Permanent/Executive search and selectionTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentAll, plus executive search versionAll recruitment typesTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentAllThe product supports Temporary, Contract and Permanent recruitmentTemporary/ contract/ permanentSuitable for Perm, Temp, Contract, Executive, and Interim recruitment.temporaryTemporary Driver recruitment processorAllExecutive Search / Corporate In-house Talent Acquisition Teams / Executive Research / Interim ManagementTemporary/ contract/ permanenttemporary/contract/ permanent - comprehensive front and back office systemSQL server platform for temporary/contract/permanent - comprehensive front and back office systemExecutive Search and SelectionTemporary Multiple VacanciesTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentPermanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentContract/PermanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary, Contract, Permanent, Executive SearchallICIMS Talent Platform is built for companies of all sizes that conduct all types of recruitmentTemporary Industrial Worker and Temporary Commercial Driver recruitment processorPermanent / Contract / TemporaryPermanent Contract or Interim - Front Office Temporary, contract and permanentTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporary/contract/permanentAllMonster's Talent Management Suite is suitable for all types of recruitment including temporary/contract/permanentMrTed is suitable for all forms of recruitment including - temporary/contract/permanentPermanentAllAllALLDesigned primarily for Permanent and Contract, although Temporary can be accommodatedAllTemporary/ contract/ permanentProfile RPM's configurability and functionality suits the needs of the entire recruitment industry, whether it be Volume Temporary, Contract, Permanent or Exec Search or a combination.Temporary, contract and permanentPerm, Temporary and Permanent work flow is all coveredTemporary/ contract/ permanentAllAllPermanent and ContractAllTemporary/ contract/ permanentAll recruitment typesTemporary/ contract/ permanentTemporaryContract, Permanent and TempAll - inc. Executive Search and InterimTemporary/ contract/ permanentAll
Can it be used for master vendor/recruitment process outsourcingYesyesNoYesyesyesNoYesYesYesYesNoMaster Vendor and RPyesNoYesyesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoyesNoYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesNoyesyesyesYes-iCIMS Vendor Manager PortalYesyesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYes - for Talent ManagementYesYesYesNoYes can be used for master vendor/RPOyesyesYesYesn/aYesNoYesNoYesNoYesNoYesNoYesYes
Any corporate/SME functionYesyes/noYesYesyesyesNoYesYes, Bond Talent is designed specifically for the corporate market and is ideal for organisations with in excess of 150 employees.NoNoYesyesyesyesYesyesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesIncreasingly used by Corporate In-house Talent Acquisition and Sourcing teamsyesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesyesyesyesYes, bothYesyesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesConfigured as requiredYesYesYesNoYesyes/noyesYesYesn/aYesYesNoYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Is it an ASP * and/or self hostedSelf hosted - ASP utility for multi site operationasp/self hostedSelf hostedaspASP, although it has many abilities and features of self hosted applications.ASPASP or self hostedBothBothASPHosted100% Web-basedASP, self hosted is a negotiable arrangementasp or self hostedStandalone, peer-to-peer (i.e. no server, 2-10 machines), self-hosted LAN/WAN, internet ASP or full internet Virtual Office ASPasp or self hostedASP HostedSelf Hosted or Cloud based software-as-a-service solutionYes using Windows Terminal Server and hosted by the clientasp onlyASPSelf hostedCan be either Self hosted or ASP depending on client requirementsASPASP/self hostedSaaS based fully hosted solutionself hostedself hostedself hostedself hostedASP or Self HostedASP or Self HostedASP or Self HostedASP or Self HostedASP or Self HostedSelf-hosted or Company-hostedaspself hostedasp/self-hostedWeb-based ASP, delivered as a Software-as-a-ServiceCan be either Self hosted or ASP depending on client requirementsInfluence Professional can be provided as either Client Server (self hosted) or a full ASP business solution through Influence Virtual.ASP/SaaS Server with locally installed Desktop ClientSelf hosted or 3rd party hosting / ASPSelf hostedBoth options availableSelf-hostedTMS is a fully hosted ASP solution ASP - MrTed is provided as a fully hosted solutionasp, self hosted or asp/self hostedASP, mostly hosted by us, although can be hosted internallyASP, mostly hosted by us, although can be hosted internallyASP, mostly hosted by us, although can be hosted internallyEitherEither ASP /Self-HostedASPASP, SAAS & inhouse and cloud optionsASPasp or self hostedSelf hostedSelf hostedSelf hosted and ASPSelf HostedASP/Cloud basedSelf hostedASP or self hostedAsp/self hostedBothBoth 'on-premise and 'on-demand'BothASPASP/Self Hosted software-as-a-service solution
What is provided for front end (web) candidate data captureWeb forms provided as standard or option for bespoke interface.1stSelectASP Complete Custom Website or Integrated Website LinksCV Import module availableA full candidate portal/recruitment website is provided to agreed specification.Application form on client website, Outlook CV import moduleFully integrated solution with your website which includes full functionality for candidates to review previous applications, and interviews along with facilities to manage and update their recordCan be imported into AspireVarious solutions are available that are tailored to clients specific needsVarious solutions are available, functionality is tailored to clients' specific needs.A wide variety of sourcing tools for job boards, LinkedIn, etcEpsilon - Vacancy, Candidate and Client PortalsWebsite design & integration available, email processing (auto-recognition for capturing CV's)A Candidate Web Portal, enabling registration, uploading and updating of the candidate's own data, including CVs, documents, photo etcAPI for integration with customers website including CV extraction and duplicate managementWeb or CV Manager(internal/Virtual Office)cvmail offers 'best of breed' functionality including a job board configured to client specifications with job search, speculative CV submissions and an 'email a friend' option. The online application can be edited to capture the information the client requires.web site/portal and .net applicationA multi functional interactive website with self service for candidates and clients, including jobs display, registration forms and members areas1. EclipseWI website portal downloads candidates directly into Eclipse and allows on-going maintenance by candidate with field-by-field approval upon update back into Eclipse. 2. CV importing/parsing from word 3. Email connector to scan inbox for CV attachments for parsing into Eclipse using batch import component.Yes - a fully configurable candidate portalYes - a fully configurable candidate portalEploy® fully integrates with one or more front end web sites to allow candidates to register online and apply for jobs. Other functionality such as online timesheet entry and authorisation, vendor management and client access is also available as well as bespoke website development.Paper and web time data entryClients / Drivers / Bookings / Salaries / Invoicing / HSE Hours Monitoring (WTD) / Tachograph ManagementDaxtra compatibilitycandidate web forms; NEW! Research Zone - powerful research tool to help identify passive candidatesOutlook 2007/10 integration, fully integrated recruitment websites, candidate and employer web portals/self service.n/an/an/a - see Fortuna EnterpriseCV/Document Parsing and flexible Integration LayerCV/Document Parsing and flexible Integration LayerCV/Document Parsing and flexible Integration LayerCV/Document Parsing and flexible Integration LayerCV/Document Parsing and flexible Integration LayerWeb portal (web), CiViliser (internal)seeker side portal (career website)HRS xml LoadedComprehensive Candidate PortalCustomised and Branded Company Career CentersClients / Workers / Drivers / Bookings / Salaries / Invoicing / HSE Hours Monitoring (WTD) / Tachograph ManagementInfluence Visual can provide tailored websites. Influence Portal allows vacancy listings and candidate registrations to be seamlessly linked via Influence Professional to your websiteParsing of Web Pages, LinkedIn Profiles to auto-create records and Candidate PortalFully flexible web portal availablewebCustomer website and job board integration providedAutomatic CV loading and coding from webBranded Career Site (job seeker portal)As a end to end solution we provided a branded front end that enables candidates to view jobs and apply via client specific processFully configurable candidate portalOnline Candidate Registration from Client's web site can be previewed and loaded into the databaseFor front end capture - C/V Parsing, Import Utility / Integration with major job boards Microsoft ExplorerMultiple options available to suite. Including true real-time integaration with Candidate Registration Portal, Job Search Portals and Client Portals. Also full parsing facilities.Candidate Registration, Job Search, On-line Applications, Application Tracking, Job Email AlertsA tailored solution is provided based on each clients requirements, including a real time dynamic link from your site into the database to avoid the need to export and import information.Online application moduleDisplay vacancies on your website and receive emails with CVs from candidatesRED Data Manager allows data capture and export / import of data freely between RED and other sources/destinations including websites Candidate, Client and Vacancy information can be exported and importedn/aWebN/AWe have a complete canddate portal solution which also includes parsing technology out on thw web site.Online candidate captureTriSys WebIprofile, XML InterfaceCandidate Centre: View/Update Profile, Update Online Resume, Manage Emails Alerts, View Job Applied and Time Sheets Moduleelectronic timesheet capture
Do you have a global capacityYesyesyesYesyesUK, USA and EMEAYesYesYesYesYesYesyesyesyesYesyesYesYesYesYes, we have clients all around the world.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesyesyesyesYes-Serving over 1,000,000 users in over 100 countries daily.YesInfluence Professional is used by many customers around the world.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesyesyesYesYesYes, we currently have users based in England, Wales, Scotland, Canada, South Africa, and AustraliaYesn/aYesYesAll support from UK, have installations overseasyesYesYesYesYesYesYesyes, the product has been translated into more than 17 languages and is used by clients world wideYes
Can the product be integrated with Microsoft Office suiteYesyesYes, MS Word required for CV and document functionality utilisationYesYes, CV’s and documents can be viewed and edited in-place.NoYesYesYesYesYesNoYes - tight integration with Word, Outlook, Excel etcyesYesYesyesNoYes but Support is only available during UK working hoursYesYesEasily exports data to a number of office products such as Outlook, Word, Excel and Access.YesYesAlready part integratedYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes - very highly indeed (especially Outlook)yes yesyesYesYesInfluence Professional integrates with Microsoft Word for document templates and Microsoft Excel for Reporting.Yes - seamlessly integratedYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesIntegrated with MS Word for Mail Merge and highlighting Skills, MS Excel for financial reporting and Outlook (see below)MS Office Int- YESyesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesyesYesYesYesYesYesYes - Word, ExcelYesYes
Can the product be integrated with Outlook (or other email client)YesyesYes, MS Outlook required for email functuonalityYes, and with Lotus notesYes, full email integration and calendar synchronisation.YesYesYesYesYes, any email environmentYesYes - Free Outlook plug-in availableYes - Outlook, Thunderbird, and ChromeCRM's own built-in Web ClientyesYes, Concord includes Mercury, which is your company-aware view of OutlookYesyesYesYes or directly to any SMTP mail serverYesYesContains its own dedicated mail merging system for email, SMS and standard mail creation. Eploy® can send data to Outlook for calendar management and synchronisation.YesYesHas it's own built in email clientYes, full two-way integrationYesYesYesYesYesYes and any MAPI compatible email softwareYes and any MAPI compatible email softwareYes and any MAPI compatible email softwareYes and any MAPI compatible email softwareYes and any MAPI compatible email softwareYes - any mapi-compliant email clientyes yes (Entourage, Mail, iCal & Mozilla)yesYes, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Group Wise, etc.YesInfluence Professional integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Influence can also integrate with MAPI email clients. Influence Professional synchronises with Outlook’s mailboxes and calendarsYes - seamlessly integratedYes (also MAPI and Groupwise clients)YesYesYesYes - Outlook and Lotus NotesYes - Outlook and LotusTightly integrated to Outlook onlyYesYesYesIntegrates with any MAPI compliant E mail client for sending E mails and integration with Outlook for received E mails. Also, Outlook Contacts can be Imported/Exported to create Candidate and/or Client recordsOutlook - Yes, plus any IMAP clientyesYesA web-based emailing system is included in the software.Yes although ProNet removes the need to send email through Outlook. This improves security, makes sending mails faster and means all sent emails are in the database removing the need to go into Outlook to see sent items.Yes (any MAPI or SMTP mail system supported)Outlook and Lotus Notesyes Outlook onlyYes plus Outlook Express, Eudora and other Mapi compatible packagesnoYesYesYesYesYes - Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupwiseYesYesYes
Can the product be integrated with other 3rd party applications (eg, SAP, Oracle, etc)Integration can be developed to meet customer requirementsFor Invoicing, Sage Line 50 Version 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x or 11.x Accountant Plus or Financial ControllerYes, Merit, Tempaid and .CSV filecompatible programs.Yes, integration with 3rd party applications is provided subject to agreed specification.Yes, we integrate with Broadbean, Textanywhere, Sovren CV reader, Monster and others.Daxtra /IdibuSMS, BroadbeanYes, Bond AdaptConnect enables third party software to integrate with AdaptUX
– other applications can simply ‘bolt on’ without the need for further configuration.
Yes, the system can be integrated with many third party applications including Oracle and SAP, as well as a broad range of job boards and multi-posting services, such as Broadbean.Yes, any 3rd party applicationYes - several back office Payroll systems; SMS Services; BroadbeanBroadbean and other job board providers, Skype, SMS, TimeGenie and other timesheets and invoicing solutionsYes - The software can be integrated with accounting software and job-boardsMicrosoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Sage Accounts and Payroll, Daxtra, Skillsmarket, Broadbean, Icetrak, TAPIYes, accounts, SMS, faxYes - HRIS, online testing, multiple posting to external job boards, etc.yesYes - Job Boards and Accounts SoftwareYes – Word, Excel and Outlookn/aAs requiredSeamlessly integrates with third party products such as BroadBean (or other Job Board providers) for multi job board posting and Daxtra for advanced CV Extraction tools. Also integrates with many accounting / back office systems.YesAccounting and Payroll systemsOutputs in a standard formatYesSage Accounts and Payroll, Any ODBC Compliant databaseSage Accounts and Payroll, Any ODBC Compliant databaseSage Accounts and Payroll, Tempaid, Tempest, Spa, Great Plains and any other ODBC Compliant databaseAny ODBC compliant databaseyes - see Fortuna EnterpriseYesYesYesYesYesYes, Daxtra, SMS, Fax, Accounts & others on requestyesYes - basically any ODBC compatible product (SAGE etc)yesYes, iCIMS has been integrated with many 3rd party providers, and has never found an integration that could not be met.Accounting and Payroll systemsInfluence Professional integrates with Broadbean, Conkers, various jobsites and can integrate with most external databases, and back office accounting systems. Influence can be tailored to integrate into any 3rd party application which exposes an API or has inbuilt import routines.Through APIYesYesYes - details on requestYesYesYes - TalentLink™ is an open system that freely and easily integrates with other 3rd party applications - including SAP, PeopleSoft/Oracle, on-line testing (e.g. SHL), screening etc As requiredYesYesYesn/aThird party integrations Yes- HR Integrations Inc. (HRnX platform) setup fees apply per integrated service yesProfile RPM has many links to third party solutions to provide a complete solution. These include Daxtra, Textkernal, iProfile, Broadbean, etc plus many BackOffice solutions.Yes, Quick-Recruit can be achieved with any modern software systemYesVizual Personnel DirectorCall us for further informationYes, SAGELINE 50, SAGE PAYROLL also other Payroll Systems, and CV Management Services.Export of Client information and Invoices to Sage Line 100yesYesSMS, Broadbean, SageWe have integration to many types of 3rd party applicationsYes, SageYes - SMS, PAF, Job Broadcasting, CTI etc..Yes - including Crystal Reports and Sage Accounts. Any ODBC compliant software!Yes, the product have been integrated with several ERPsYes
Set up cost (inc installation, project management and basic training)£275.00Free Installation, Training ranges from Free Webcast Shows, Training Seminars at £99 to Client Site Training £600Included in purchase priceSubject to specificationCompetitively priced on applicationnilPOAinformation on requestEach system is tailored and configured to meet individual client specifications. Typical implementation costs start from £10,000varies depending on client requirementsFour different pricing plans based on customer profileBasic training is free for 3+ users.Depends on requirements. Consultancy and training from £450 a dayFrom £500 per day£500Fee based on requirementsprice on application Depends on requirementYes – Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Payroll Professional, Tempest, Tempaid 5, Olipay, Broadbean.  Also integrates with the EclipseWI online recruitment portal.This is dependent on requirements and is approximately 1K to 2K£14,995There is a basic setup cost of £500 which includes simple customisation.£9000 upwards£500 per userOn applicationNo set up costs POAPOAPOAPOADepends on Requirements, Daily Rate £600 per dayDepends on Requirements, Daily Rate £600 per dayDepends on Requirements, Daily Rate £600 per dayDepends on Requirements, Daily Rate £600 per dayDepends on Requirements, Daily Rate £600 per day£695POA£1,200 (one off charge - no yearly costs)Dependent on projectBased upon size and needs for the entire implementation process. (Configurations, trainings, migrations, integrations, etc.)Depends on requirements. Training and consultancy from £450 per sessionNo set up cost required. Implementation and Training services available if requiredDepends upon customer requirementsOn applicationOn application£500 per userpricing information on requestCosts will vary depending on the level and complexity of the requirements and deployment. Typically they will be a mimnimum of £30k£1,500Dependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsSet up is included in the licence feeSetup Cost- varies by professional services required, current $85/$125 USD per hourRTG (Ready-To-Go) from £ 25,000 implementationPrice dependant on size of implementationFrom £4k to £16k depending on the modules you implement, the size of your company, and complexity of your project. We don't charge any licence fees and the only costs you pay are for our fully inclusive implementation project including system installation, Project Management, system configuration, and trainingBased on requirementsDependent on scope of requirement, charged on daily rate.NonePrices are available upon requestDepends on number of users, £500 per day, minimum half daypricing is bespokeAORPOAProjects are defined on a case by case basis£1,625£950 per daycompetitive pricing on applicationFrom £500Cost available upon request
Price per licence£2.00 per user per day includes all training and supportFree First Licence Enterprise £299 for additional, £990 First Licence Enterprise Plus £449 for additional, £1490 First Licence Sovereign £649 for additionalFree First Licence Enterprise £299 for additional, £990 First Licence Enterprise Plus £449 for additional, £1490 First Licence Sovereign £649 for additionalLicensed on unlimited user licenceCompetitively priced on application£50 per monthPOAinformation on requestMonthly costs start from £1,500 and include all ongoing maintenance and future upgrades.Starting at 40 GBPFrom £550First-user license is free - forever. Just £40p/m for each additional user.£37.50 pppm in the hosted arrangement, onsite negotiableFrom £500 or £20 per month£50 per user per month (rental) OR £400 (perpetual)Annual subscription, price varies by size of organisationprice on application £39 per user per month, 2nd user FREEDependent on requirementsNot applicable - transactional pricingMonthly (ASP) option of £75 per user per month with discounts for additional users. Also up-front payment option is available.£2,700Help Desk and On-Sitefrom £100 per user per monthOn applicationStarting from £55 per month per userPOAPOAPOAPOAPurchase from £5,250 (scalable upto 5 concurrent users), Pay As You Go from £150 per monthPurchase from £10,250 (unlimited scalability), Pay As You Go from £150 per monthPurchase from £3,750 (unlimited scalability), Pay As You Go from £100 per monthPurchase from £1,450 (unlimited scalability), Pay As You Go from £50 per monthPurchase from £1,950 (unlimited scalability), Pay As You Go from £50 per month£45 per user per month with discounts for multiple licencesPOA£40 per userDependent on projectBased upon organisation's exact needs.Help Desk and On-SiteAvailable as outright purchase or monthly rental. Prices from £55 per user per month£99/Month for license and hosting services £750On applicationOn application£500 per userpricing information on requestWe have a number of pricing models depending on the size and scope of deployment.. For example a 10 user licence will cost £3000 per month£50-£100 per user per month (asp)Dependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsDependant on requirements£295 per user per year. Additional £50 per user per year for parsing module.  Additional £80 per user per year for Radial Searching ModulePrice per License - starts at $79 USD per user per month Unlimited site licences included in minimum Fee*Price dependant on solutionNil£1,100From £8001 - 5 users = £50 per user per month. 6 - 10 users = £250 per month. 11 - 15 users = £350 per month. 16 - 20 users = £450 per month. 21 - 30 users = £500 per month. 31 - 50 users = £1000 per month. Call for 51+ users.Prices are available upon request£650 per userpricing is bespokeAORFrom £2450POA£500 per licence with discounts available for REC & TEAM members995 for 'On-Premise' or £90 per user/month 'On-Demand'competitive pricing on applicationFrom £70Cost available upon request
Annual support  or maintenance cost:None£30/month First Licence and £20/month Additional Licences£495Subject to specificationincludedincludedPOAinformation on requestMonthly costs start from £1,500 and include all ongoing maintenance and future upgrades.NoneFull software support included with licencesNone. Online technical support is free.Included in the subscription feeFrom £240 per userzero (rental - included in licence) OR 15% (perpetual)All support and maintenance expenses are included in the annual subscription.price on application Included in licenseDependent on package.  From £575Dependent on requirements and licensesIncluded in asp priceIncluded in the monthly rental.20%Included20% of the licence costOnline support included in start up cost. Premium support line, £15 per user.POAPOAPOAPOACharged at 20% of the Software License on PurchaseCharged at 20% of the Software License on PurchaseCharged at 20% of the Software License on PurchaseCharged at 20% of the Software License on PurchaseCharged at 20% of the Software License on PurchaseIncluded in licencePOAFrom £350 per year depending on user countDependent on projectiCIMS provides FREE support and maintenance.from £150 per user per annum with outright purchase, included in monthly rental costsIncluded20%On applicationOn application£250 plus £50 per userpricing information on requestNot applicable - support and maintenance services are included in the subscriptionIncluded in asp priceDependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsIncluded in licence feeAnnual Support cost- none mandatory n/aPrice dependant on solutionHosting & Support fees are charged per user and will vary depending on the system modules you use and the number of system users you have. Starting at £20 per user per month for the Front-Office system, up to £41 per user per month (or lower for larger companies) for the fully integrated suite of Front & Back-Office systems (if using all modules for CRM, recruitment, Timesheet Management, Payroll and Invoicing)Per site there is a monthly cost of £45 and 13.50 per userFrom £200NonePrices are available upon request£50 per user per quarter, includes general PC remote supportpricing is bespokeAORPOAPOA£1,495£200 per user per annumcompetitive pricing on applicationIncluded in the licence, depends on the requirements a fee for development may applyCost available upon request
Annual upgrade costNoneMinor Upgrades Free with Valid Support Contract£99 per user per year.  Upgrades available to ongoing and fully supported customers, free of charge IncludedincludedincludedN/Ainformation on requestMonthly costs start from £1,500 and include all ongoing maintenance and future upgrades.NoneIn version updates included in support packageNone. Product upgrades are free.Included in the subscription feeFrom £48 per userAlso included in annual subscriptionprice on application No upgrade fee'sFrom £925 single user to £705 for volume purchasesIncluded in the Annual support and MaintenanceIncluded in asp priceIncluded in the monthly rental.included in S&MIncludedFREE to clients with current support contractsFree upgradesPOAPOAPOAPOAIncluded as part of Support and MaintenanceIncluded as part of Support and MaintenanceIncluded as part of Support and MaintenanceIncluded as part of Support and MaintenanceIncluded as part of Support and MaintenanceIncluded in licencePOAFree with support contractDependent on projectiCIMS provides FREE quarterly upgrades as well as free patch releases, in between major upgrades.updates included in annual maintenance costIncludedIncluded in maintenanceOn applicationNone£250 plus £50 per userpricing information on requestNot applicable - all upgrades are included in the subscriptionIncluded in asp priceDependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsIncluded in licence feeAnnual Upgrade cost- none mandatoryn/aIncluded in annual support/maintenanceNil, all upgrades (including end-of-year Payroll) are managed by us free of charge.All included in the support subscriptionIncluded free of charge with annual maintenanceNonePrices are available upon requestIncluded in support costpricing is bespokeAORN/AIncluded in support costsIncluded in supportFreeincluded in maintenanceThe product is based on a core set of functionality. Cost available upon request
List any other add-on costs (extraction, multi-posting etc)No additional costsData Transfer can be arrangedSite Licence, CV Import module, Data Conversion where applicable. Prices on applicationAmris is a full vacancy to hire system and can be configured to meet requirements of any size organisation.POAcv parsing, multi-posting, website integrationPOAPlease contact us for additional module costs.Please contact us for additional module costs.Options available for mobile, sourcing, reportingdata extraction post code addressingOptional pay-as-you-go modules including: Extra users, website design/integration, downloadable backups, domain name hosting, branded portal, 2-Way SMS, Broadbean feed, TimeGenie online timesheets and invoicingPlease contact us for additional or customer specific functions or integrationno additional add-on licence costsmulti-postingMultiple posting and integration with 3rd party applicationsCV batch loading, CVparsing, automated user account set up, automated user spaces created, data migration management, email cv extraction, data back-up, automated precise matching job-cv, cv-job, cv-cv, applicant tracking, content management layer, automated email management, user rights management, notes management, multi-posting, multiple other modules and bespoke featuresUnlimited CV parsing, Postcode Search, Managed Email including BCC Archiving.20% of license value for full user helpdesk including upgrades and enhancements (can be downgraded after year 1 to 10% for technical queries only and upgrades enhancements.) Additional bolt-ons available.  Services such as data import - cost available upon request.  n/aFully configurable as requiredSMS credits are purchased separately. CV Extraction is included but charges may apply for certain vendors. There is an additional cost for Post Code lookup and Radius searching for database updates. External job board fees may apply.Modular expansion optionsData import, web integrationOn applicationWeb portals – One off fixed costPOAPOAPOAPOAWeb Integration available tailored to CustomerWeb Integration available tailored to CustomerWeb Integration available tailored to CustomerWeb Integration available tailored to CustomerWeb Integration available tailored to CustomerPostMan & SeeVee search additionalPOAHRS is all inclusive, cv parsing, 2 way emails, web uploads, etcDependent on projectTMP's partnership for integrated Job-Postings to thousands of job boards, Custom iForms.Web Portal, SMS messaging, Radius Search, Job Board Posting, Analytical visual reporting.Hiring managers portalPlease contact us for additional module costsOn applicationOn application£250 pdf CV data extraction; £500 vacancy posting to webpricing information on requestAdditional services include interfacing/integration, data up loads, optimisation services etcMulti-posting and CV parsing optional extra costsDependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsNoneAdd on costs- Resume Processor, $50 USD month per instance (usually one needed), Online Career Board $50 month per instance (usually one needed), Microsoft Outlook Portal Interface Option $24.95 USD/month per user*Monthly Minimum Fee £ 2,500 per monthPrice dependant on solution requiredCV Extraction, SMS Text Messaging, integrated Job Board for your websiteOptions include data migration and web designNoneSMS text: 10p per text. Postcode look up service: 2p per enquirySingle and Multi CV import included in standard product, Job Posting to multiple sitespricing is bespokeAORPOAProjects are defined on a case by case basisn/aPOAPOA for Burning Glass CV Parsing, IProfile, Consultant Analysis ModuleUpgrades to the core will be part of the licencing excluding client specific customisations. Artificial Intelligence, Multi Posting, turboVOICE, turboSURVEY, Time Sheets, OutlookCost available upon request
What support is provided (help desk, onsite, etc)Telephone/email supportTelephone Help DeskHelpdesk and remote support Dedicated support is provided by telephone and onsite training.24/7 phone, email and online supporttelephone support, email, online chat, knowledgebaseHelp deskHelp desk, onsite, online, email and telephone based support are all availableHelp desk, onsite, online, email and telephone based support are all availablePhone, Online Resource Centerhelp desk, telephone and onlineFree online live help, email support, knowledgebase, email updates, RSS feedOnsite support during initial phases and online support thereafterhelp desk, remote access and onsite if requiredhelp desk, on site, telephone, email & web supportQuarterly review meetings, training, dedicated account manager, and email and telephone supportoptionalEmail and TelephoneTelephone helpdesk, e-mail and online shared desktop.  On-site health-checks by arrangement. Both Helpdesk and Onsite as requiredHelpdesk and onsiteFull telephone technical support included in the monthly rental. Onsite support / training can also be provided.Help Desk and On-SiteTelephone support, self help portalHelp desks in London, New York, Dallas and Sydney to offer 24/5 telephone and e-mail supportOnline community / email support and premium phone supportTelephone and on-line supportTelephone and on-line supportTelephone and on-line supportTelephone and on-line supportDirect Help Desk and Remote AccessDirect Help Desk and Remote AccessDirect Help Desk and Remote AccessDirect Help Desk and Remote AccessDirect Help Desk and Remote AccessHelp Desk, Web, Email and Telephonephone/ticket/online/manualsHelpdesk, onsite, remote & online training Helpdesk /email/web portalHelp Desk, Dedicated Implementation Team and Account Managers, Onsite Trainings, Customer Care Site, Web Tutorials, Free Weekly Training Sessions, etc.Influence annual maintenance cost includes Help Desk, Remote access and on site supportHelpdesk and remote supportHelp desk and Remote support is part of annualhelp deskTelephone, Email, Remote Access, on-site where necessaryHelpdeskPhone, online ticketing system, email, manuals, online help directoryA full support desk is run 24/5 . We also operate a complete client services team who are provide direct support to clients - on & off site.HelpdeskHelpdeskHelpdeskHelpdeskHelp Desk via telephone support . Also, remote assistance if requiredlive, one on one by telephone, online help database, online service support system24/7 helpdeskFull world-wide 24/7 HelpDesk is availableOn-site implementation projects and training. Email and phone support via Help-DeskSupport is provided by phone, remotely and on site if requiredHelp desk, onsite (chargeable)Help desk, email and online self-helpHelpdesk and Online supportHelp desk, remote support, onsite supporthelp deskHelpdeskHelp deskHeld desk, dial-in, user groups, user conferencesRemove support via telephone and internet.  Onsite if neededFull web and telephone supportHelpdesk, remote access, Oniste, onsite and online trainingHelp DeskHelpdesk, Online, Onsite if required.
Is any support available to candidates or line managersNonoSupport available to all licensed usersYes, if requiredyesnoN/AYes, via online help facilitiesYes, via online help facilitiesNoNoSupport available for all Chameleon-i usersYesyes, by requestLine ManagersYesoptionalYes, live trainingNon/aYesCan be arranged.NoYesAllNoYes, live trainingNoNoNoNoYesYesYesYesYesNoyesyesyesYes, training is available to all users and candidates if they are having trouble completing the application.YesyesNoOn agreement with AgencyNoYesYesYesWe can provide support to all authorised users including line managers of TalentLink™ back office solution.NoDependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsDependant on requirementsYesYesyesyesYes, support can be provided direct to all users within your companyNoYesYesSupport is available to agreed client/customer contacts YesYesNoN/ASupport for line managers is availableYesBothYesYesYes
What hours are support available24 hours a day9:00 - 5.00 Monday to Friday8:00am to 6:30pm9am - 5.30pm on week days24-Jul9am - 6pm Monday - Friday8:00 - 18:00 Mon-Fri24 hours a day, 7 days a week24 hours a day, 7 days a week8am to 9pmOffice HoursMonday to Friday during office hoursSupport is available 7:00 - 5:00 UK Time. Other Service Level Agreements are available by negotiation9 - 5.30 on week days9 - 5.30 on week days.  (dedicated mobile for system admins out-of-hours)Phone support 9:00 - 5.30 on week days. Email support 24 hours9 - 5.00 on week days or more subject to terms249 - 5.30 9.00 am to 5.30 pm9 - 5.30 on week days and out of hours if requiredStandard support 9:00 - 17:30. 24hr support agreement can be arranged.9 - 5.30 on week days365/24/79 - 5.30 working days. Portal 24 x 724/5 support via worldwide offices8:30 - 5.30 Monday to Thursday and 8.30 - 4.30 Monday to Friday9 - 5.30 on week days9 - 5.30 on week days9 - 5.30 on week days9 - 5.30 on week daysStandard Office HoursStandard Office HoursStandard Office HoursStandard Office HoursStandard Office Hours9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).9.00 - 5.30 on week days9am to 6pm UK, and (9 - 5:30pm Australia)08.30 - 18.00 Mon-Fri & 24 hours for hosting environment24 X 5 Support Monday through Friday365/24/79 to 5.30pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. Additional hours available on requestBusiness hoursStandard office hours 09.00 - 18.009-5 week daysMonday - Friday 7.00 am - 7.00 pm08:30 - 17.30 on week daysMonday-Friday 09:00am-17:30pmSupport is provided 24/5. Optional 24/79 - 5.30 on week days - out of hours also availableStandard hours are 8.30am - 6pm Monday-FridayStandard hours are 8.30am - 6pm Monday-FridayStandard hours are 8.30am - 6pm Monday-Friday9 - 5.30 on week days24/7, prime support USA business hours, secondary support all other times24-Jul9 - 5.30 on week days anywhere in the world09:00 to 17:00 for User Help Desk. 24hr technical support of systemCore hours are 9am to 5pm although 24/7 support is available if required.9 - 5.30 on week days09:00 - 17:30 Monday - Friday. Other times by appointment.8.00am to 6.30pmMonday to Friday Excluding Public Holidays9 to 6pm Monday to Friday, extended hours by arrangement9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday9 - 5.30 on week days8:00 - 18:00 Mon-Fri8.30 - 5.30 on week days9 - 5 on week days24x7x365standard office hours24 x 7 if required9 - 5.30 extended hours available upon request
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    Crocodile closed
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    Support now available 24/7
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    £75 for all set up and training
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    Master vender systems are available
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    Crocodile is no longer aroung it is now oweded and managed by Jarrett and Lam
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