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Compare the size of popular video game maps

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GameFront viewWidthHeightRelease date
USAThe Crew93 km53 km
SolisJust Cause 432 km32 km2018
MediciJust Cause 332 km32 km2015
PanauJust Cause 232 km32 km
San EsperitoJust Cause32 km32 km
CarribeanAssassin's Creed IV: Black Flag15.33 km15.33 km2013
AltisARMA 318.42 km14.63 km
Los SantosGrand Theft Auto V8.45 km12.01 km
Ancient GreeceAssassin's Creed Odyssey11.4 km11.4 km2018
Ancient EgyptAssassin's Creed Odyssey7.74 km10.32 km2017
Mad MaxMad Max8.26 km9.32 km2015
San FranciscoWatch Dogs 27.8 km7.3342 km
KyratFar Cry 46.77 km6.77 km
San AndreasGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas5.744 km5.744 km
SkyrimSkyrim6.85 km5.42 km
ChicagoWatch Dogs4.85 km4.9 km
4546BSubnautica4 km4 km
SteelportSaints Row The Third4.284 km3.457 km
Liberty CityGrand Theft Auto IV4.8 km3.2 km
Vice cityGrand Theft Auto Vice City3.02 km3.02 km
Hong KongSleeping Dogs2.98 km2.98 km
Liberty city (GTAIII)Grand Theft auto III3.3 km2.5 km
LondonAssassin's Creed syndicate1.92 km1.92 km
Parisassassin's Creed unity1.55 km1.55 km
Red dead Redemption6.4 km4.6 km
Leboa-sako/bowa-sekoFar cry 25 km10 km2008
Rook IslandsFar Cry 35.5 km5.5 km
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  • Compare the size of video game maps: Just Cause, Mad Max, Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Grand Theft Auto V, Saints Row The Third
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