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  • eugdik commented on Best Email Marketing Services Comparison
    on 2016-11-20 14:25:56
    Avoid at any cost. Terrible attitude & support! Please see below the response of the company while I was trying to open a new account: " Our provisioning process is done in order to protect our system as well as inboxes around the world from potential spam email. We perform many checks to determine the validity of our new customers and unfortunately some of those checks have triggered scores that are historically indicative of high risk. Our Provisioning Team will not be able to provision your account for this reason. In regards to billing, as your account has not been activated, no payment has been processed against your credit card. We thank you for your consideration and we wish you the best in your future endeavors. " When I've contacted the company and explained that I'm a real person, with proven professional background and even supplied LinkedIn link, the response remained the same. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING, especially because there is no reason for such an attitude - pure discrimination, shame.