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Resume/CV Parsers
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Price10 USD per 100 CVs to $1 per 100 CVs, depending on the contingent of the package ordered
SaasYes Hosted service
Input Formatstxt (Plaintext), html (Hypertext Version 5 including JavaScript and CSS3), rtf (Rich Text Format), odt, ods, odp (Open Document Format, Writer, Calc and Impress), doc, xls, ppt (Microsoft Office Binaries, Word, Excel and Powerpoint), docx, xslx, pptx (Microsoft Office Open XML, Word, Excel and Powerpoint), xps, oxps (Microsoft (Open) XML Paper Specification), pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format)
Input methodSOAP and REST web interfaces via HTTPS
Output formatXML and JSON
Output Method
Multi Locale SupportYes 9 different languages supported, more announced
Batch Upload
Distinctive featuresRapidParser is more than a simple plaintext CV parser. The formatting information of each CV is fully respected during parsing, which results in significantly better extraction quality as common plaintext CV processors can achieve. More than 10 years of CV parser engineering knowledge is clustered into an extremely fast and accurate CV parser. RapidParser is designed to deliver excellent parsing results in a minimum of time.
Source code repository
IntegrationAll common web interfaces and formats are supported, allowing an easy and quick integration of RapidParser into any existing system. A complete documentation is provided online, including integration examples for all common programming languages. A quickstart tutorial enables automated CV parsing within minutes. Also, RapidParser offers a free, anonymous online demo plus free web service demo access.
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24/7 Support- Via Online-Form submission
Phone support
Company Info
CompanyFormed in 2006
Sample Integration Partners
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