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Resume/CV Parsers
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SaasYes Component deployment or hosted solution.
ScalabilityYes DaXtra Parser can also be supplied as a hosted service, running on a redundant, load-balanced platform, for maximum availability and accuracy from the latest release version at all times.
Input Formats
Input method
Output formatDaXtra Parser outputs a defined XML schema for both Candidates and Vacancies. These schemas can be extended on request to support native extraction of content into bespoke user-fields, or bespoke schemas are also available.
Output Method
Multi Locale SupportYes
Batch Upload
Distinctive featuresDaXtra Parser provides for the parsing of social media content, by supporting the growing list of Social CVs and Business Profiles, along with all electronic communication contact types, such as Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn and Xing contact info, amongst others. Not only does DaXtra Search aggregate searching, it integrates directly into your CRM database, meaning that the CV data you already own is exploited to maximum effect.
Source code repository
IntegrationSupport is provided for multiple integration methods, including COM objects, Java, Soap and .net, and multiple output formats are supported alongside DaXtra’s own XML schema, including HR-XML.
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24/7 SupportYes Email & online issue submission
Phone supportYes Europe
Company Info
CompanyFounded in Edinburgh, UK in 2002
HeadquarteredEurope - Offices in US and Asia
Sample Integration PartnersRandstad Technologies, Penta, Spencer Ogden, HCL,Orion Group
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