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2015-08-12 22:43:47
Project management tools comparison
Hosted solutionsYes
Available as standalone softwareNo
Free plan
Hosting starting price (per year)39 USD 3 users
LDAP support
Contacts Address BookYes
Shared Calendar
Schedule meetings
Export data
Visual customization
OpenID Authentication
SSL Security
Email notifications
Mobile version
Custom fieldsBest among many. "Category Tags", but can't create one from the Contacts editing form in their workspace, WTF (can create from the Gmail gadget) + can customize the fields displayed for any entity: Company, Contact, Task etc. + many field types, including URL
Project management
Time tracking / Timesheets
Automatic Tracking timer
Project Milestones
Tasks managementYes Task lists per project
Gantt chart
Resource management
Workflow systemNo
Report generation
Portfolio management
Issue tracking
Link contacts with tasks/projects
Document Management
Document editing
Online browser editing
Document sharing and storageYes Can upload files
Project integration
Access rights management
Document Versioning
Import from external resources (GoogleDocs, etc)No Google Docs integration is a joke - you simply paste the URL of the document
Description/Tags for documentsNo
Custom Roles
Micro- blogging Status Updates
Live chatNo
Phone conferencingNo
Integration with third parties services
Google Apps integrationYes Gmail contextual gadget to import contacts from email and add call logs, tasks etc.
Microsoft Office Integration
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    2015-08-12 22:43:47
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