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Educational Quiz Websites and Apps
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Student InteractionYes Students can complete quizzes on their own time if they have the link.
Easy-to-UseSlightly more difficult to create quizzes. Not as user friendly. When creating, one can select a clickable quiz or a classic (typing answer) quiz.
Assessment of ProgressAll students must create a Sporcle account and must be friends/follow the teacher in order for the teacher to review the results. The teacher can review the best score for friends who have completed the quiz.
Curriculum ConnectionsAny Subject- great for review Independent student completion at home or school with internet connection. Can import media (i.e. YouTube Video and ask questions about it).
Types of QuizzesMultiple Choice, Picture Quizzes, One Word/Short Answer, Matching
Demo Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpBpr__uWDw
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