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2017-10-08 13:55:14
Inventory PlannerSkuVaultFinale InventoryForecastRLokadOpen to BuyStreamlinefrePPleBrightworksDemand SolutionsData ProfitsBlueRidgeSyncronSkuBrainSkubanaRightSizedInventoryForecastPro
Online Account
Tarifsabout $150/m to $300/m depending on number of Channels$149/m 2 users <5000 orders per month $300/m 3 users, unlimited orders and skus BUT $2000 one-off onboarding charge (possibly negotiable)$400/m $4000/y for Enterprise version and up to 10,000 SKU'sfrom $150/m $1440/y software only £2500-£3300 per month including 'engineer'$400/m for 1 user $1356/m $1118/y for 5 users$970/m
Pro'sSeemingly quite flexible and versatile at an affordable price. Seems to do most of what is needed and can possibly be adapted to do more. Good communications and support. Use of tags, options, etc Cloud-based Easy data updates at any time Excel import (not just csv) Automatic overnight upload of data Ability to combine warehouses Small business solution supplier and therefore possibly more speedily amenable to sensible ideas which might enhance their software. Easy export of data to excel. Better use of categorisation than ForecastR (I think). Also seems to be slightly more logical. Unlimited user accounts. Integration with many platforms (albeit not the ones we currently use). A lot of data such as Tags, Brands, Options can be created pretty much on the fly without needing to create the header records first - makes ease of use that much more straightforward.Seems very comprehensiveSeemingly quite flexible and versatile at an affordable price. Seems to do most of what is needed and can possibly be adapted to do more. Good communications and support. Use of tags, options, etc Cloud based. Seems to have comprehensive help support.Seems like a very comprehensive system but typically comes with an 'engineer' support at a rather high price tag. Unlimited users. Cloud-based.Integrates with Odoo
Con'sHelp and FAQ's are rather thin on the ground (but what's there is quite good). Does not offer anything clever as regards warehouse and container space planning or budgeting.More of a complete WMS and so not easy to immediately see how to get the benefits of the system without the complete system.The cost - assuming you include the engineer they recommend. But if you have quite a high turnover even the software-only price tag gets quite high. Looked really great on the demo but a bit disappointing on the trial, especially that when you click on the various metrics etc it just opens up a large image rather than any kind of drilldown. It also does not feel very intuitive in real-time use. Seems very unintuitiveVery expensive Desktop-basedExpensive compared with other systems. Seems very unintuitive and complicated to get the hang of
UsersUnlimitedDepends on price5Unlimited
Multi warehouseOuiOuiOui
Ability to group warehousesOui
Delivery note uploadOui
Purchase Order UploadOui
Low Stock AlertOui
Years of history it uses35
Can products easily be grouped by categories and other factors (tags, colours, size, etc)Oui
Is it easy to compare various standard periods?Oui
Does the system take account of Out of Stock Days?Oui
Does the system take account of seasonality?Oui
Easy manual forecast adjustmentsOui
Logical/Intuitive UX-
Reasonably quickOuiNonOui
Good filter systemOui
Good Help / Knowledgebase-Oui
Good supportOui
Contractual CommitmentMonthlyMonthlyNone
Link to Google AnalyticsOuiNon
Cubic measurementsNon- Say included
Product WeightsNon- Say included
ODBC ConnectorNonOui
Magento InterfaceOui
Amazon InterfaceOui
Odoo InterfaceNon
Best used
Usage example
Known Shortcomings
Main focus
Projects using it
Détails techniques
Dernière version
Date de sortie
Initial release date
Data Presentation
Langage de développement
API Language
Embedded Language
Site web
Autres liens
Cloud DB
Transaction support
Domain-model Aggregation
Commercial Support
Does it handle Product Variants
Does it handle product Options?
Can it create PO's per supplier?
Is there the option to set default lead times per supplier?
Can you analyse by tags?
Can you analyse by BRand?
Is there provision for a buffer stock?
Can you set review periods per supplier?

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