Tableau comparatif des logiciels de prototypage et maquettes
Site web
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  • $14/month (Standard)
  • $35/month (Plus)
  • $69/month (Unlimited)
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Mode déconnectéNon It's an online application.
Flow Diagrams
AnnotationsOui pins and notes + chat with smart conversation history
Generate Documentation/Specifications
Master Templates
Master Controls
Predesigned Mockup Templates
Predesigned Icons bundled
Favorites Controls Library
Widgets LibrariesOui
Custom Libraries
Click-Through PrototypesOui Fully interactive and clickable projects.
Export de fichiersOui
Drag and Drop componentsOui
Mockups saved asonline + HTML
Embeddable WireframeOui
Live Preview
WindowsOui with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari etc.
Mac OSOui with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari etc
LinuxOui with Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari etc
Réseaux sociaux
Google Docs Integration
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    2013-03-04 00:57:15
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL


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    1) it's web based so accessable anywhere if you have a computer with webbrowser and Internet 2) rich library of elements gives you the chance to build anything you need - no need of programming knowledge 3) you have components to avoid doing the same work twice or more 4) realtime collaboration mode with chat enebles good cooworking and communication 5) easily shared projects - by just one link 6) everything's stored online so no need to save and use computer space but if you want it you can do so by exporting the project to your computer 7) you get up to 10GB storage space for your files in the File Manager 8) project is a clickable so it gives the impression of a ready website 9) support is helpful and customer - oriented 10) you can prototype anything from websites and webapps to mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
    English Posté 2011-06-02 09:11:20 par Ewa Ev
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    Posté 2011-06-02 09:02:47 par Ewa Ev

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