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Mockup and Wireframing Design Tools Comparison


If you need to draw a diagram, a website wireframe, sketch an interface or create prototype quickly, you have now a lot of choices in web apps or software.

It is a collaborative comparison chart that you can edit and improve.

MockittMockupScreensLucidChartAppCookerAxureBalsamiq MockupsCacooConcept DrawFairBuilderFluid UIForeUIFramerGliffyGUI Design Studio v5HotGlooIndigo DesigniPlotzJustinmindMockFlowMocking BirdMockplusMockup BuilderNapkeeOmniGrafflePidocoPowerMockupPreview AppProcessOnProtoShareSavah
DescriptionScale your design thinking An online design, prototyping, and collaboration platform to empower your UI/UX design journey.

Mockplus is the new version of Mockup Plus

  • $12.9/Month
  • $29/Quarter
  • $69/Year
  • $99 (Single)
  • $245 (3 users)
  • $599 (10 users)
  • Free (max 3 documents)
  • $6.95/month: Individual
  • $8/month/user: Team
iPad App $ 17.99
  • Free 30 day trial
  • $589 Perpetual Single User License (PC + Mac) with support and 12 months of updates.
  • $539 per license when you purchase 5 or more at one time
  • Optional $149 per license for existing customers renewing their maintenance agreement for another 12 months of updates.
  • $9/month for 2 Active Projects
  • $49/month for 20 Active Projects
  • $199/month for 200 Active Projects

  • $89 Single user
  • Volume discounts available
  • Free Plan
  • $4.95/Month (Plan for single user)
  • $24.50/month (10 users)
  • $49/month (30 users)
  • $99/month (100 users)
  • Free 21 days Trial
  • $199 ConceptDraw PRO
  • $199 ConceptDraw MINDMAP
  • $299 ConceptDraw PROJECT
  • $499 ConceptDraw OFFICE
  • $99 unit price
  • Free (1 project, up to 10 pages)
  • Solo ($15/month): 1 User, 3 projects
  • Pro ($25/month): 1 User, 10 projects
  • Team ($65/month): 5 Users, unlimited projects
  • $150 single user
  • Free: Up to 2 editors, up to 3 projects
  • Pro: $19/month/editor
  • Custom
Prices per user
  • FREE: diagram, 2 MB storage
  • STANDARD: $4.95/month Billed Monthly, 200 diagrams; 200 MB storage
  • BUSINESS: $9.95/month Billed Monthly; UNLIMITED diagrams; UNLIMITED storage.
  • GUI Design Studio Express V5 $129
  • GUI Design Studio Professional V5 $499
  • 3 - 4 User Licenses at $333.00 each (save 33%) : - 3 Licenses for $999
  • 5 - 9 User Licenses at $299.00 each (save 40%) : - 5 Licenses for $1495
  • 10 - 19 User Licenses at $249.00 each (save 50%) : 10 Licenses for $2490
  • 20 or more User Licenses at $199.00 each (save 60%) : 20 Licenses for $3980
  • Free 7 day trial
  • $13/month (Group)
  • $27/month (Team)
  • $54/month (Agency
  • Essential: Free
  • Professional: $399/year
  • Enterprise: $999/year
Free online version
$75 desktop version
  • Free Edition
  • $19 / Month Pro Edition Subscription
  • $495 Pro Edition Perpetual license
Free (1 mockup with 4 pages) 59$/Year : Premium Version (unlimited)
  • $9/month - Personal
  • $20/month - Team
  • $40/month - Pro
  • $85/month - Unlimited
  • Trial - free
  • Profressional - $10/month,$79/year
Free Online version, Desktop version installs from Online version$49 to convert Balsamiq mockups to one of either HTML or Flex; $79 to convert to both
  • 14 days free trial
  • $99.99 individual license
  • $199.99 individual pro license
  • $149.99 family license
  • $299.99 family pro license
  • 31-day free trial!
  • Starter $12/mo
  • Standard $25/mo
  • Premium $55/mo
  • Platinum $175/mo
  • Single License: $39.95
  • Small Team License: $119.95
  • Team License: $199.95
  • Free project !
  • Freelance 29€/mo
  • Start-up 49€/mo
  • Business 99€/mo
  • Company 189€/mo
  • Free 15-day Trial on All Plans
  • Starting at $29/month
  • Free up to 5 people
  • Stater: $35/month up to 10 people
  • Company: $69/month up to 25 people

* 3 licenses for 1 year - $39
* 5 licenses for life (one time buy) - $79
  • Free fully functional trial
  • Starter - 12$ per month
  • Freelancer - 29$ per month
  • Team Effort (most popular) - 49$ monthly
  • Company Wide - 89$ per month

Depending on the number of projects and users you wish to have.
$99 single user
Free planYes watermarkYes Watermarked trialYesNo- 30 days (free trial)- 30 days free trialYes- 21 days (free trial)No- 15 days (free trial)YesYes- 7 day free trialYesYesYesYesNoYesNoNo- 14 days (free trial)- 31 days (free trial)NoYes 1 project, 10 users, 100 Mb file storageYes Free- 15 days (free trial)YesYesYes Up to 30 days fully functional trialNo
Overall rating
no rating
no rating
5.0/5 2 ratings
4.8/5 6 ratings
4.3/5 9 ratings
3.6/5 9 ratings
5.0/5 2 ratings
5.0/5 5 ratings
no rating
5.0/5 1 rating
5.0/5 1 rating
no rating
4.0/5 1 rating
no rating
4.5/5 4 ratings
5.0/5 2 ratings
no rating
4.0/5 5 ratings
3.7/5 3 ratings
5.0/5 1 rating
5.0/5 3 ratings
5.0/5 2 ratings
no rating
no rating
4.5/5 12 ratings
no rating
5.0/5 2 ratings
no rating
no rating
5.0/5 1 rating
5.0/5 1 rating
3.5/5 2 ratings
5.0/5 3 ratings
no rating
Version4.8610.1.2Axure RP Pro 10Balsamiq desktop
  • ConceptDraw OFFICE v4
  • ConceptDraw PRO v11
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP v9
  • ConceptDraw PROJECT v8 52.0Always up-to-date with no additional costs
Offline modeYes Make offline demos by downloading PDF/PNG/HTML/APK files.YesYesYes iPad appYesYes able to continue editing even if the connection with the server has been disconnected - modifications will be saved when connected againYesYesYesYesYes Reviewing via HTMLYesYesYesYes Nice offline mode support.Yes FreewareYes HTML Export to simulate prototypes offlineYesYes Diagram drawing can be automatically saved at offline mode.NoYesYes Data potection against sudden internet connection lossYes
CollaborationYes Real-time CollaborationYes
AnnotationsYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes Notes - also delivered via emailYesYesYes Nice Reviwer and Commets manageYes Available in review / presentation modeYesYesYesYes Comments and inline chating supported in diagraming.Yes Developer Annotations & Reviewer CommentsYesYesYesNo WireframeSketcher has annotations
Flow DiagramsYesYesYesNoYesYes ERD, UML, ORM, FlowChartsYesYesYes with GlooMapsYes Storyboards, In-Screen Interaction Flow, and Project FlowYesYes With team version , you can review and workflow.No Note yet plannedYesYes Many diagram types supported, real time collaborate with others.NoYesYes You can design flow diagrams in UXPin as they were wireframes easily. You can also upload a file with a diagram done with any software and include it in your project documentation.No Planned for near future
StoryBoard / SketchYesYesYesYes ScreenflowsYes
Sharing/FeedbackYesYes via AppTaster appYes (Beta) Secure sharing for discussions and gathering feedback by uploading to ##Create a single distribution file containing all of the referenced files no matter where they are storedYes Share links, HTML export, Annotation notesYes Built-in Free Hosted Prototype Sharing and Exports, and unlimited remote usability studies with full video replays (both screen and user)YesYes Feedback via PowerPoint's review features; sharing possible via SkyDrive or SharePointYes TicketsYes Diagrams can be shared to other sites and embed to blogs.YesYesYes
Generate Documentation/SpecificationsYes DOCX, RTF, PDF, HTMLYesYesYes ##Automatic generation of full specification documentationYesYes Generate Annotated Prototypes and PDFYesYes HTLMYesYes *.png, *.pdf,*.pos...-
Master TemplatesYes 500+YesYes 1000+Yes 14 templatesYesYesYesYesYes Master pagesYes LayersYes Using PowerPoint Slide MastersYes Templates for different categories. BPMN, UML, mockups, ORG, Venn...YesYesYes Yes, enabled by the Smart Element feature
Master ControlsYes Create a Master to reuse the components you create. You can batch modify the components by editing the Master.Yes Use masters to create reusable design elements (headers, footers, etc.) Unlimited masters on a page and nesting is supported.YesYesYesYesYesYes Custom stencilsYesYes You can control & clone everythingYes Yes, enabled by the Smart Element feature
Predesigned Mockup Templates500+ Templates A vast repository of ready-to-use and flexible templates that you can easily customize to create stunning Web and Mobile mockups and prototypes.Yes there are templates in all librariesHuge predesigned UI mockup libraryComes with built-in viewports for common devices, and samples you can customize; others published on indigodesigned.comA complete set of examples is available at: gallery is presented and sharedTemplates provided . Massive diagram resources shared in the diagram library.
Predesigned Icons bundled5000+ Widgets, Icons, and SymbolsBeta: Fontawesome iconsYesFull list available here: 150 basic icons included to get you started ##Popular image formats supported including BMP, GIF, JPEG and PNGmore than 5000 iconsMore than 1,000, searchable, categorized icons.Icons for iPhone, iPad and Android400+ icons available150+ iconsYesMore than 100 wireframe icons includedbunches of icons to be choosed, also support to insert from local.full icon library for desktop + mobile, all icons are completely resizable and always maintain aspect ratioYes, including Font Awesome (old and new), Pixle Icons.
Favorites Controls LibraryYesYesYesYesYesYes You can create unlimited custom components
Widgets LibrariesYes 5000+ Widgets, Icons, and Symbols & 600+ UI Components Use our fully-stocked UI component libraries to create prototypes with realistic elements that resemble and simulate actual UI designs.YesYesYes 75 built-in user interface components, 187 icons, plus a whole lot of community-generated componentsYes many stencils including ones for iPhones and AndroidsYes Desktop, Tablet, Wireframe, iOS8,Android 5,Windows 8, Apple Watch,Google Glass,Android Wear,Galaxy Glass,PebbleYes Resource: Over 120 Built-In Design ElementsYes Symbols, Pictures, TemplatesYes Many built-in, interactive controls, stencils, and shapes, plus custom shapes.Yes Yes, also able to develop custom widgetsYesYes drag & dropYesYesYes Drag & Drop ComponentsYes All common desktop + mobile components. they add component based on request!Yes Yes, 22 drag & drop librariesYes
Custom LibrariesYesYesYesYesYes Yes ability to customize and save your own widgetsYes Custom Element (*.fce) & Library (*.fcl)Yes Combine elements to create custom controls and further variants.Yes Custom Template LibraryYesYesYes Enable customize and save your own widgetsNo Not supportedYes Custom templatesYesYes Add Mini-Masters or Custom Widgets thru HTML, CSS & JavascriptYes Yes, users can make use of the Smart elements feature, wich enables them to make custom, reusable across whole account elementsYes Extensible palette. Downloadable stencils for Android, iPhone and more.
Drag and Drop componentsYesYesYesYesYes In future releaseYesYesYes 3400 widgetsYesYesYesYesYes Also quick add in place (alt+click/drag).YesYesYes over 200 components,over 40 mobile componentsYesYesYesYesYes Amazing Shape library with shapes for drag and drop.YesYes Drag & Drop functional HTML5 componentsYesYes
Exports snapshotsYesYesYes Ctrl+R (single)YesYesYes PNG
Export filesYes PDF, PNG, JPG, VDXYesYes PDF, HTML, DOCX, PNGYes PNG, PDFYes PDF, PS, SVG, PNGYes PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, PPT, VDX, and many moreYes Print full size screens and screenflows, .png, .svg, HTML prototypeYes PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, DHTMLYes SVG, Gliffy, GXML, JPG and PNGYes *.pdf, *.png, HTMLYes PNG; HTML Prototype Generation in Beta; PDF Coming SoonYes HTML, PDF, JPG, PNGYes HTML+javascript, PDF, imageYes PNG, PDF, PPT and HTML5Yes PDF,PNG,Slideshow (EXE),XMLYes PDF, PNG, ZIP of PNG(many screens)YesYes PDF, XPS, PNG, JPG, WMF, EPS, WMV, ...YesYes PDF, PNG, POS.Yes Export to HTML archive, Web URL, or Word Doc SpecYesYes HTML + JSYes JPG, PNG, PDF, HTMLYes Vector PDF, PNG.
Click-Through PrototypesYesYesYes fully interactiveYesYesYes yesYesYesYes Enhanced Interactivity (New since 4.0, Professional edition only)YesYes Simple as pie; and easily add rich animations if you like.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes very comprehensive event libraryYesYes
Live PreviewYesYes on deviceYesYes web & mobileYesYes Tethering view and launch come soon.Yes Via presentation modeYesYes DefinitelyYesYes share, device preview, presentation modeYes With additional feature to set a password for access via link.
APIYesNoYes Offered as part of the enterprise packageYes Slack integrationYes File Format is XMLYesYesYes JSONYesNoYesNo-Yes Open XML format
Embeddable WireframeYesYesYesYes via share linkYes Live/Dynamic Integration in Indigo Storyboards, with Real-World ScenesYesYesYesYesYesYes SupportedYesYesYes can embed mobile mockups in htmlYes Via Component widget
Mockups saved asPDF/PNG/HTML/APK files.RP-filesBMML filesPDF file, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio XML, and many other graphic formatsPreview, can send link to preview or link to entire project to anyone with a Fluid UI account.4ui filesHTMLCustom XML Schemasfile, html or imageMBX, also export to png/pdf/exe/JSON / XMLOnline (cloud service)PowerPoint file (.pptx, .ppt)Interactive online prototype, interactive offline prototype, or Word spec.html filesCan be exported as JPG, PNG, PDF and HTML. The work done in the app is saved automatically online (UXPin is a cloud service).XML files
Version HistoryYes Create different versions and draw comparisons between them. You can trace and restore history versions at any time.
Dark ModeYes Dark mode can ease eye fatigue from stark bright white screens.
WindowsYesYesYesNoYes Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, or 7YesYesYes MS Windows® 7/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit certified)YesYesYesYes via navigateurYes Microsoft Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / NT / 2000YesYesYesYes Web (Flash)Yes Desktop version. web version coming soon.Yes Web and Silverlight basedNoYesYes Add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010Yes Web app.Yes Web-basedYesYes web based toolYes Cloud, browser-basedYes
macOSYesYesYesNoYes Mac OS X 10.5+YesYesYes Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 and 10.13YesYesYesYesYesYesYes Web (Flash)Yes Desktop version.web version coming soon.Yes Web and Silverlight basedYesYesNoYes Web-basedYesYesYes Cloud, browser-basedYes
LinuxYesNoYesNoNoYesYesNoYesYesYes via navigateurYes- Works fine if you use WINEYes Web (Flash)Yes Web version come soon.Yes Web and Silverlight basedNoYesNoYes Web-basedYesYesYes Cloud, browser-basedYes
Mockup and Wireframing Design Tools Comparison : this chart compares prototyping tools.
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