Linux virtualization alternatives

2016-12-07 00:24:24

This comparison table is dedicated to compare OS virtualization engine for Linux.

These virtualization software works using a modified linux kernel. For this reason they run only on linux host and can only run linux guests with the same kernel. The advantages of these virtualization software is the performance which is assimilated to native. Also the RAM memory management is more flexible, since you might not have to dedicate an amount of RAM to a virtual server, so that if the virtual server does not use the memory others can use it.

Feel free to correct any mistakes, add relevant criteria or add another virtualization engine.

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live migration: is the ability to move your virtual server on a different physical machine with a very small downtime, without having to reboot the virtual server.

snapshot support: is the ability to create a backup / copy of your current virtual machine.

libvirt support: libvirt is a toolkit (library / API) to control virtualization process so that you can create and control virtualized systems in a standard way. One API to control OpenVZ, lxc or other virtual machines like KVM/QEMU, Xen...

Release date2011-07-262011-05-202008-03-14 (experimental version more recent)
Latest version042stab024.
LicenseGPL v2GPL v2GPL v2
Live migrationYesNoNo
Snapshot supportYesYesNo
Disk I/O limitingYesYes I/O scheduling
RAM limitingYesYes
CPU limitingYesYes
Disk quotaYesYes
libvirt supportYesYesNo
Prebuild imagescentos 5,
debian 6,
fedora 15,
suse 11.4,
ubuntu 11.04
No official images

But several pages are listed here:
Control panel softwareOpenVZ Web Panel:
Webmin with OpenVZ plugin:

More complete list here:
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