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About is an innovative crowdsourced collaborative comparison engine to compare everything you need. This is a free, powerful and flexible web-based tool to easily create side-by-side comparison tables with your own comparison criteria.

We believe in collective intelligence and collaboration to help you to make decisions and make the best choice for you. You can check out user reviews from members of our community and leave your own user review to help others choose : vote, rate or comment for your favorite software, app, product, service...

Crowdsourced data helps maintain various data in any field and users like you can update comparison data regularly to keep comparison tables updated and more accurate or add alternatives items to compare. You can improve existing comparison tables to make them more relevant, or also create a new comparison view with your own comparison criteria.

SocialCompare is a multilingual comparison engine allowing users to translate comparisons into other languages.

If you are a webmaster, you can easily include a comparison table on your blog, personal website or business site. You can either embed the screenshot of a frozen comparison table (snapshot) or a dynamic table regularly updated by the community.

If you are a provider company, you can list your own product, software, application or service for free and maintain your data to introduce you to our community. We may add the “official badge” to your account if you use an official email address.

We keep an history of changes of each comparison table. If you see any unappropriate content on this website, please do not hesitate to click on report abuse or contact us to remove it as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to register for free, join our community and let us know your feedback.

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