SocialCompare.com is an innovative crowdsourced comparison engine to compare everything in any domain. This is a free, powerful and flexible solution to create easily different side-by-side comparison views with your own comparison criteria.

You can either keep your matrix unlisted for personal use or publish them to make them visible to everyone. And depending on the table's rights, you can update data directly yourself, in a collaborative way; otherwise you can suggest changes to the table's editor.

While creating a new comparison view, it is recommended to reuse existing attributes/criteria and entities/items to maintain data with others only once (updates are propagated on all different data views). You can also generate new and live comparison choosing entities/items to compare while browsing on the site.

Finally, it is also a new kind of directory and user reviews where you can compare, comment, vote, rate all the content. This site helps you to make adequate decisions and to choose between all the existing alternatives.

Warning: as users can enter what they want, we can not guarantee you the veracity of data that you will find on this website. If you use those data, it is at your own risk. Users have the power to detect wrong data and update them with the right ones. The more people use this innovative service, the more it will become accurate.

We keep an history of changes of each comparison table. If you see any unappropriate content on this website, please do not hesitate to click on report abuse or contact us to remove it as soon as possible.

There are a lot of other new features that we will develop to enhance this current service. Do not hesitate to sign up for free, share your ideas and we will improve the service as you need ! We love to get users feedbacks.

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