Digital Forensic Tools / File Extension Results (File type and total number of hits)

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2020-01-18 19:04:12
OSForensicsProDiscoverBasicWinHexR-StudioActive@FileRecoveryActive@UndeleteRecuvaAutopsyFTK Imager
Documents (.odt, .pdf, .txt, xls)2661166612-
Pictures (.jpeg)44484448-
Audio (.mp4)01121112-
Compressed Files (Zip/Rar)21121113-
Executable Files (.exe)02233325-
System Files03343484-
Other File Formats01111112-
Number of total artifacts818183119202336-
Number of deleted files815151515151515-
Number of hidden files03343387-
Number of corrupted/damaged/partially recovered files01113303-
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    2020-01-18 19:04:12
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