Google Calendar - shared vs. invites

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2014-09-04 08:44:31
To share events between two or more people, Google offers two methods: 1. A shared Google calendar 2. Creating and responding to invites This table analyzes the pros and cons of each method.
Shared Google CalendarGoogle Calendar invites
Others get notification emailsYes If added to the event explicitlyYes
Others can edit eventYesYes Only if event creator checks "Guests can modify event"
Custom colorsYes Per calendar
Each event appears onceNo Event appears both in the shared and in the personal calendar if invited. Removal from personal calendar marks as "No" in shared calendar.Yes
Others get event change notificationsYes If added to the event explicitlyYes
Event creator notified of RSVPsYes If configured via Reminders & Notifications settingsYes
Inform others of unavailable timesYes Mark block as busy and just don't invite othersNo Unless bogus-inviting others to unavailable times as an event
Retrospective of events togetherYes Uncheck other calendars- Search / filtering?
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