Off the Shelf Software Vs Custom Software

2019-03-19 20:58:04
To decide which one to opt Off the shelf software or Custom software should be completely based on the business needs and demands. Therefore it is very necessary to know what all processes and things you are going to implement in the future. Your long term decisions related to business should be pre-planned in the most better way. Therefore choose the one that suits your business work and requirements to take your business rates high.
Off the shelf softwareCustom software
1Off the shelf software has very low upfront costs.Upfront costs for custom software are high.
2Off the shelf software offers you its free trials and versions.Custom software, on the other hand, has no free trials.
3Change or feature requests in off the shelf software may get ignored.It additionally costs you for doing any change in the feature requests.
4Support IncludedTailored to your exact business needs.
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