UPS DPS Trinergy Xpert XL Fusion

2021-01-04 12:48:08
TrinergyDPS Gen2Xpert 9395PModulys XLFusionPower
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Power requested2400 kW2400 kW2400 kW2400 kW2400 kW
Request6*400kW + CS4000A2*1200kW + COC4000A2*1200kW + COC4000A2*1200kW + COC4000A2*1200kW + COC4000A
Qty for power requested12222
Common output cabinetNoYesYesYesYes
By-pass statique systèmeBy-pass centraliséBy-pass distribuéBy-pass distribuéBy-pass distribué
Battery configuration6*3*44=792 (to be confirmed)2*5*46=460
Product unit
TechnologyModulaireMonoblocModulaireModulaireModulaire Rackable
Puissance kVA2400 kVA1200 kVA1200 kVA1200 kVA1200 kVA
Pf out110.911
Power active2400 kW1200 kW1100 kW1200 kW1200 kW
Power unit max3200 kW1200 kW1200 kW1200 kW1200 kW
Power modules400 kVA/kW100 kVA/kW300 kVA/270kW200 kVA/kW55 kVA/kW
Qty modules6248244
Static By-pass UPSBy-pass centraliséBy-pass centraliséBy-pass centraliséBy-pass centraliséBy-pass distribué
Manual by-pass (internal)YesYes
Size UPS
Width (mm)5750 mm2450 mm4480 mm4250 mm
Depth (mm)900 mm900 mm880 mm975 mm
Height (mm)1950 mm2000 mm1880 mm2120 mm
Weight (kg)7375 kg2000 kg3120 kg4250 kg
Size COC I/O SWw/o5130*1186*
General Specification
parallel système up to8
Efficiency VFI (On-Line)96.7 %96.5 %95.6 %
Efficiency VI (Interactif)99.2 %98.9 %99.3 %
Efficiency VFD (Off-Line)99 %
Backfeed protectionSystème InterneSystème Interne
Pf out0.7 leading - 0.4 lagging0.8 leading - 0.7 lagging
Operating T°0-35°C0-40°C
Noise (dBa)78 dBA (1600kVA)85 dBA85 dbA75 dBA
Heat dissipation VFI122.9 kW56.6 kW
Input Specification
Imax input3780 A
THDi 25%/50%/75%/100% load7.7%/4.3%/3.2%/2.9%11%/5.5%/3.85%/2.5%
Pf in 25%/50%/75%/100% load0.99/0.99/0.99/0.990.96/0.99/.997/0.998
Output Specification (@400V)
Inom output current3464 A1740 A
Imax output
Continuous overload105 %
Overload 10mn125 %125 %110 %
Overload 1mn150 %150 %
Overload 1s
Short circuit current Icc (A)2.2 xIn (1200kW)2.78 xIn
BatterySéparée par moduleCommune
Qté batteries40-5036-4640
Icharge batterie676 A
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    2021-01-04 12:48:08
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