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Throughout the years, it has been proven that nothing beats the beauty of a bathroom that has an elegant bath tub in it. In fact, almost every bathroom in every home (not only in America but worldwide) has an elegant freestanding tubs in it. And now, with the availability of modern bathtubs online, buying tubs is now been made easy since you no longer need to leave the comfort of your own home. Buying modern bathtubs online is also very advantageous since you can skim to almost every freestanding tubs available in the internet. Whether you are looking for rectangular freestanding bathtubs or other tub designs, you will surely find everything that you need over the internet.
AquaticaPlumbing AdmireMeAquaticaPlumbing AdoreMeAquaticaPlumbing PureScapeAquaticaPlumbing OrganicRoyal Corian Freestanding bathtubGuangdong Modern Design Freestanding Bathtub
About- The AdmireMe by Aquatica freestanding tub is study in primal form. This design has a strong statement of pure luxury and meets the contemporary style. The tub is designed as if it reveals a part of a planet’s ellipse, while the basin’s edge curves upward to emulate the shape in reverse.- The AdoreMe by Aquatica freestanding bathtub is carried from the ground through the use of two elegant wooden rails. The tub, itself, is the quintessential freestanding tub shape and gives the model for the true meaning of indulgence. It also has a soft border atop a substantial frame. With a water capacity of 68.7gal (US), water depth of 13.5 inches and a dimension of 74.8 x 35 x 27.5, you can never go wrong with this tub. - The tub also features a coating of special top of the line insulating material that preserves the water temperature.- PureScape by Aquatica is a substantial, solid, and unquestionably stylish freestanding tub. It features a definitely thick walls and a deep bathing basin. The effect of the tub is contemporary. However, it still fits in well designs from the mid-century modern and twenty-first century avant garde. - With a dimension of 68 ½ x 33 x 22, bathing in this modern tub is luxury at its finest.- Organic by Aquatica lets you feel like you are bathing within a natural rock basin. All lines of the Organic bathtub are elemental and smooth. Its basin gives you the bathing feel like giving in to an organic hot spring. The Organic bathtub conveys the most decadent outdoor experience inside your home. - This elegant tub has a water depth of 14.25 inches, water capacity of 63 gal (US), and a dimension of 87 x 53.1 x 28.75- Sold at $800 - $1,500 per piece, this very elegant bath tubs can make any bathroom look like a bathroom inside a five start hotel. This corian freestanding bathtub has a solid surface material and a customized basin. It also has a Matt/high gross surface.- The pure acrylic, modern design, free standing bathtub is sold from $500 - $5,000 per piece. It originally from Guangdong, China (Mainland) but can now be yours easily through Alibaba. It is made of pure Acrylic solid surface material and is eco-friendly. It is also designed by a famous Italian and French designer. - The bathtub has a comfortable soft feel while having a hot shape. Aside from white, it is also available in other colors. With an excellent tenacity, superior stain and bacterial resistance and easy to maintain and repair, this bathtub is surely fit to your bathroom.
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