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    Simplified Mobile Leasing, Reduced EMI Defaults, Assured Payment Requisition.
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    NuovoPay streamlines the intricate process of mobile phone leasing & requisition. Technology leasing companies can now empower millions of people with access to smartphones irrespective of their credit history.
    NuovoPay is a platform that enables telecom carriers, finance companies, and resellers to protect and safeguard their leased devices against the EMI payment defaults. The software remotely locks devices which are leased to the customers in the event of a failure in EMI payments or in case devices are reported stolen. It streamlines the intricate process of mobile phone leasing and requisition. Users can reduce installment requisition costs and protect their leased devices by automating the onboarding process and payment logs and remotely invalidating device access for defaulter devices. One can also integrate it with leading billing system providers. The software enables its users to reduce defaulter payments by preventing late payments with automated payment reminders and reducing manual efforts and costs in payment collection. The remote locking technology of NuovoPay ensures that leasing companies have complete control over their leased tools and devices. It also makes sure that the cost spent on recovering the defaulter, or the stolen or lost devices are minimum.
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    Free forever upto 10 devices
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