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Last update Apr. 9th 2021 12:48:11 PM
Creation date Apr. 9th 2021 12:35:14 PM
  • nuovoteam on Apr. 9th 2021 12:48:11 PM
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    36 USD per user*/year
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  • nuovoteam on Apr. 9th 2021 12:43:24 PM
    NuovoTeam is a cloud-based business communication tool that can be used by enterprises across all industries and team sizes to ensure efficient team communication. It provides a secure communication interface where companies can ensure that the employees- remote or otherwise can communicate over VoIP and voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging and also exchanges images, files and voice notes. The communication can be streamlined by ensuring that only business contacts are allowed within the application and these contact lists are published centrally. The channel management feature of NuovoTeam can be used for group chats and the broadcasting feature can also be used for crisis communication by the HR departments. The NuovoTeam app is available for iOS and Android.
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