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IPS Electric Unicycle Co.,Ltd. is the first domestic integrated enterprise to specialize in the research and development, manufacture,as well as marketing of the Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle. After investing heavily in research and development, we mastered the core patenttechnology of the Self-Balancing System to achieve a number of national technology patents,the first company in China to do so. Over passed few years, we have worked hard to build a network of agents & dealers, now numbering in the hundreds, not only across China but also in the lucrative overseas markets,such as the UK,Germany,Singapore,Austria etc, with monthly combined sales exceeding 5000 units. We believe that the combinations of our manufacturing experience,distribution channels,internationally recognized brand,a relentless pursuit of quality & the design philosophy to continually strive to produce the most technologically advanced products in this rapidly expanding & exciting new market space. IPS will continue our track record of producing brilliant achievements & are delighted to share these exciting developments with you.


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