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Yumpu is a digital publishing website that simulates the experience of reading a print publication online like magazines, catalogs, flipbooks etc.Yumpu has a free model and different paid models like AdFree, Webkiosk, Appkiosk, Prokiosk. These paid plans offer even more possibilities to customize a publication. As a digital newsstand/digital publisher platform with over 20 million magazines and millions of active readers, Yumpu features leading and emerging titles in fashion, culture etc. - all of which are accessible on any device. The Yumpu software is used by many online publishers. Just by uploading a PDF File, Yumpu will display the publication online in a digital format. Once uploaded, the publications are hosted in the cloud. Tailored to enhance the timeless elegance of a quality publication. Yumpu has more than 75 features, worldwide brand recognition, alexa global rank 4.002, increase brand presence, cost savings, digital content management, shareability via social media, high usability, customer support and supports all devices .


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