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Alexis Fruhinsholz & Vanina Berger met each other during their IT studies (INSA of Lyon, France), they won a student contest together (Siemens Mobile Java Masters competition 2002), they have decided to work on SocialCompare's project end of 2008. The company has been created in September 2010.

Alexis Fruhinsholz - Co-founder

Alexis is an experienced software engineer that loves to discover and use new technologies. He previously worked for various companies in different areas such as finance, mobile security and digital receipts. He currently develops front-end and back-end of

Vanina Berger - Co-founder

Vanina is a senior software engineer that loves innovation, new ideas. For SocialCompare's project, she focuses more about ideas, SEO and communication, and she also develops some features on her spare time.

Our Philosophy

Passion and Work

We believe that passion and work are really important to build a great and innovative web application.

Free Powerful Platform

We would like to build a crowdsourced comparison engine, flexible to compare everything, freely and easily updatable by everyone without any technical skills.

Compare Everything

We want to provide an innovative comparison engine, that is much more than a simple price comparison site. Everything can be compared (not only products or prices), there is also a visual comparison tool directly embed within tables.

Open Data

All user-generated data are released under open licenses to share more easily and freely information worldwide (exactly like the Wikipedia encyclopedia does).

Power of the Community

We believe that collaboration and community are the most powerful thing to maintain an huge amount of various and interesting data.

Multicultural World

We think that world is multicultural, so we build a multilingual platform since day one: it is easy to translate comparison content into several languages. For the moment, we support the languages we know but we plan to enable other languages later.

Create easily your online comparison table

It is easy and free to create, embed and share your own custom online comparison table.