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Comparing Giveaway Sites and Promotion

Here is a table comparing giveaway, contest and sweepstakes sites and the different promotions they offer. GiveawayFrenzy vs SweepsAdvantage Online-Sweepstakes. The table compares which services are offered by each site to promote your contest.
Cost to listFree$10 1-month submissions accessFree
VisibilityEasy to get approvedEasy to get approvedTough to get approved
Feature PlacementStarting at $5.99 per week$102 per 600 clicksnone
Social Promotion$9.99 for post to Facebook, Twitter, (3+) Google+ Groups, (6+) Pinterest Giveaway Boards, (7+) Facebook Groups and morenonenone
Giveaway Submissionssubmissions to 120+ sites based on Google Analytics datanonenone
Newsletter Promotion$3.99 to 2,000 subscribersnonenone
TrafficHighVery HighVery High
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