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Crowdfunding to fund social or environmental or non-profit projects...


These crowdfunding platforms are dedicated to fund social or ecological projects or people needed micro-loans.

BabyloanBlue BeesCatapultEcoboleHopeMobKivaWatsiXetic
Launch date2011
DescripciónCrowdfunding for micro-loansCatapult is the only crowdfunding platform dedicated to fundraising for girls and women.Crowdfunding for ecological projectsHopeMob is exactly what it sounds like - a mob of people bringing hope. Just as Flash Mobs dance and bring spontaneous joy and laughter, HopeMob will bring caring strangers together to create sudden, yet organized relief and hope all over the world! We see a need and swarm it! Together...we are POWERFUL! HopeMob is the only crowdfunding platform in the world that independently verifies stories.Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.Watsi is a global crowdfunding platform for healthcare that enables anyone to donate as little as $5 to directly fund life-changing medical care for people in need. 100% of every donation funds medical care and we are dedicated to complete transparency.Xetic is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help reduce poverty, fight against social exclusion and advance men and women on the way to autonomy and dignity. Xetic offers everyone to participate by lending small sums of money to micro-entrepreneurs to the other end of the world who want to develop an income generating activity but have no access to traditional banking system to meet their financing needs. Xetic developed an Internet platform using the efficiency of social networks to encourage and facilitate the creation of a supportive community of lenders.
Precio5% raised funds$0$0$0
LanguagesEnglish, French, SpanishFrenchEnglishFrenchEnglishEnglishEnglishEnglish, French
Country of originFranceFranceUSAFranceUSAUSAUSAFrance
Maximum amount of fundraising100 000 €recommended: $20,000100 000 euros
Fundraising campaign duration150 days (approximately five months)90 days (3 months)
Who can raise money?social or environmental projects that should economically viablegirls and women
Minimum investment20€5€$25$5
Who can invest ?adults (more than 18 years old)
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  • Yunoh Smint on 2016-04-12 19:02:49

    CoverrMe allows people to raise money for any type of crowdfunding project but without the fees. There are also new platforms around that do not charge any platform fees. An example of this is CoverrMe is a 0% fee, first of its kind "visual crowdfunding" platform that allows contributors to leave their footprint on crowdfunding campaigns. see coverrme