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Facebook: Group vs Page


Compare Group vs Page

PrivacyCan change to be a closed group if wantedAlways open to public
VisibilityNot indexed by search engine. People need to look up on Facebook when signed onIndexed by search engines and can be embedded anywhere (via the Like button)
JoiningPermission from a group member is needed/ Can be added by membersAnyone can like a Page
MessageYes, available as group messageDoesn't support this feature
ChatYes, available as group chatDoesn't support this feature
RestrictionDoesn't support this featureCan choose whether fans are allowed to post on wall
EventYes, availableYes, available
DocumentMembers can create and collaborateDoesn't support this feature
CustomizationDoesn't support this featureCan be customized using Facebook Dev tools and third-party services
ApplicationDoesn't support this featureCan host applications and make them restricted (fans have to like the page first to see content/application)
Vanity URLNo, but comes with vanity e-mail addressYes, with minimum of 25 likes
InsightDoesn't support this featureAdmins can keep track of growth and activities
Notification for new post(s)Yes, via e-mail (by default)Yes, on news feed
Compare Group vs Page
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