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Ordinateurs ultra compact

Ordinateurs les plus petits et légers de leur catégorie.
RéférenceType d'ordinateurArchitectureScreen sizeScreen resolutionAnchoAlturaProfundidadVolumePeso
Sony Vaio UXVGN-UX1XNUMPC (poche)x864.5 in1024x600
fit-PC2Nettopx86101 mm115 mm27 mm314 cm³370 g
Zotac Zbox NanoNettopx86127 mm127 mm45 mm726 cm³
Sagem Spiga M1UMPC (poche)x864.8 in1024x60094.1 mm158 mm18.6 mm315 g
Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1UMPC (poche)ARM5 in1024x600109 mm161 mm25 mm409 g
Fujitsu LifeBook U2010UMPC (poche)x865.6 in1280x800135 mm171 mm33 mm610 g
Toshiba Libretto W100Netbookx647 in1024x600 x2123 mm202 mm30.7 mm820 g
Asus Eee PC T91Netbookx868.9 in1024x768164 mm225 mm28.4 mm960 g
Asus Eee PC 701Netbookx867 in800x480165 mm225 mm30 mm920 g
Asus Eee PC 900Netbookx868.9 in1024x600170 mm225 mm33.8 mm990 g
Hercules eCafé 800EC-800-H20G/SNetbookx868 in1024x600166 mm227 mm42 mm980 g
Samsung Q1UMPC (poche)x867 in800x480140 mm230 mm25 mm779 g
Sony Vaio PVPCP11S1E/PNetbookx868 in1600x768120 mm245 mm20 mm632 g
Acer Aspire One A110Netbookx868.9 in1024x600170 mm249 mm29 mm995 g
Archos 9 PC Tablet8.9 in1024x600134 mm256 mm17 mm800 g
Toshiba AC100AC100-114SmartbookARM10.1 in1024x600189.8 mm262.5 mm21 mm859 g
fit-PC3Netbookx64160 mm160 mm25 mm640 cm³
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