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Augmented Reality SDK Comparison : Vuforia SDK VS ARMedia SDK
Short IntroThe ARmedia 3D SDK is based on a 3D model tracking approach which recognizes planar images as well as complex 3D objects independently of their size and geometry .SDK architecture consist of renderer to render 3D model, tracker to track the target, capture for capturing frames from the device camera and interface to native android and iOS. ARmedia framework is cross-platform and implemented in C/C++.
CompanyInglobe Technologies
LicenseFree Trial + Commercial SDK option
Commercial SDK Pricing3500 EURO per Year
Supported Platforms (Deployment)iOS, Android
Digital Eyewear Support-
Virtual button supportNo
Supported Platforms (Development)Windows / MAC /Linux
Supporting SoftwareItself provide: Player for iOS, Player for Android, Plugin for 3ds Max®, Plugin for SketchUp™, Plugin for Scia Engineer, Plugin for Vectorworks, Plugin for Maya®, Plugin for Cinema 4D
Marker based ARRecognizes planar (2D markers) images as well as complex 3D objects independently of their size and geometry
Marker less AR Geo-located AR Browsers and real world tracking using SLAM
Location based AR
Cloud Support- Allow Content creation on cloud platform. but no open API available.
WEB Support
Unity3D Plugin
ImageTarget (Marker) Generation3D object marker creation tool + Provide plug-in for Google SketchUp
3D Object Tracking Recognizes complex 3D objects independently of their size and geometry.
3D Content Rendering Depth camera calibration provided which creates more immersive experience
Supporting 3D formatsMostly all like, .obj, .fbx, .3ds, .cinema4D etc.
Detection RateDetection rate is comparatively slow.
Detection Time*:

Device Based : between 4-15 sec
Cloud Based: sorry, not tested yet
Rendering quality (Augmentation)Augmented Content is very stable because of Depth camera calibration.
Content storage and APICan Integrate our own cloud syatem
Visual Search- provide own cloud based software called 3D target manager but it is much restricted
GPS Support
AR TrackingARmedia supports Fiducial Markers, Natural Feature Tracking, IR Cameras and Depth Cameras and Location and Inertial Sensors (GPS, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers and Magnetometers).

ARmedia provides 3D model tracking approach.

It recognizes planar images and also complex 3D objects regardless of their size and geometry.
Noticeable Features1.Provides 3D tracking of real world objects in real time in changing lighting conditions.

2. Provides modularity where one can integrate between different tracking algorithms and different 3D engines and interface.

3. 3D target creation and management services are available on cloud.
2016-08-31 23:02:48
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