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Operational dashboard solutions comparison
Azure Portal
VisualizeVisualizations such as charts and graphs can help you analyze your monitoring data to drill-down on issues and identify patterns. Depending on the tool you use, you may also have the option to share visualizations with other users inside and outside of your organization.
AlertingMetric alerts in Azure Monitor provide a way to get notified when one of your metrics cross a threshold. Metric alerts work on a range of multi-dimensional platform metrics, custom metrics, Application Insights standard and custom metrics. In this article, we will describe how to create, view and manage metric alert rules through Azure portal and Azure CLI.
Dynamic DashboardsShared dashboards in Azure are resources just like virtual machines and storage accounts. Therefore, they can be managed programmatically via the Azure Resource Manager REST APIs, the Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell commands, and many Azure portal features build on top of these APIs to make resource management easier.
Mixed Data SourcesAzure Monitor is based on a common monitoring data platform that includes Logs and Metrics. Collecting data into this platform allows data from multiple resources to be analyzed together using a common set of tools in Azure Monitor.
AnnotationsAzure Data Factory pipelines now include tagging support and enhanced monitoring capabilities, including dashboards and improved debugging support.
Ad-hoc Filterssemantic or ad hoc searches when you want to perform the following tasks: Find a specific work item using its ID or a keyword, Find one or more work items across all projects in a fast, flexible manner, Perform full text search across all work item fields, Review work items assigned to a specific team member, Search against specific work item fields to quickly narrow down a list of work items, Determine what key words will support a managed search
Data sharingWhen you publish and share the Azure Dashboard, it published as an Azure Resource. You can alternatively provide access to the user by navigating to “Access Control (IAM)” option from this resource as well.
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