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Open Ventures
DescriptionVisual database for resilient people, places, and things
Operating AnalogyAnti-Facebook that empowers super-users & pays the crowd
Video ResourcesJohn Robb on Open Ventures
Founder(s)[more info needed] John Robb Shlok Vaidya, David Rauschenbach
Controlcurrently JR & SV provide leadership, mentoring, backend platform upgrades > driven by user suggestions/requests, MEANWHILE tribes are self-organizing to create & curate content
Revenue sourcesGoogle AdSense contextual ads, Amazon Associates affiliate ads
Revenue distribution10% > founders w/ cap @ $120k/ year, ?% > tech costs, ?% > seed new open ventures, 80% (?) to participants allocated w/MMO gaming software according to contribution. Currently: all Amazon affiliate revenue is available to page creator/maintainer(s)
Who can participateanyone, wiki-style
Learning Curvemoderately easy
Entry thresholdbecome a user; learn mediawiki; create pages & upload photos; link your Amazon affiliate account to ads on your pages; future: link your (eg: PayPal) account to MiiU username for venture-wide revenue sharing
Platform/User Interfacemediawiki (same software that Wikipedia is built on)
Looking forPage builders/curators, pageview promoters
Succession: What if Founders get bored...or die?tbd
2011-08-15 09:13:50
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