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This is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It's 100% free, no registration required. There are other sites for other topics, such as Photography, DIY, Cooking, Gaming etc.. See for a full list of the current sites.
Who uses the site?Developers, programmers, experts and enthusiasts. Other site have experts and enthusiasts in their domain.
TopicsTechnical programming issues. Issues relevant to the domain for the other sites in the network.
User reputation system scores, badges
Related questions
Related videoNo
Tag assignments
Ratings for question up or down
Ratings for comments up or down
Summary Summary appears at tooltip
Follow questions Via RSS feeds on each question
Follow topics via RSS feeds on tags
Follow membersNo People aren't the focus of the sites, the questions and answers are.
Post a Message to Your FollowersNo
Ability to edit question (modify) Anybody can suggest edits (subject to approval). Users with 2K+ rep can make edits straight away.
Ability to suggest edits to answers Anybody can suggest edits (subject to approval). Users with 2K+ rep can make edits straight away.
Email notifications Tick the box at the bottom of your question.
Search box autocompletesNo
Saves drafts of posts A single draft of a question or answer is saved
Revert modifications Edits can be rolled back to any previous version by anyone with edit rights.
Real-time updating
Estadísticas asked, viewed, latest activity
Volunteer moderators Voted on by the rest of the community
Time-boxed conversationsNo
Advertisements Reduced for users with more than 200 rep
Technology platform used for other sites
Content license / TermsOpen data: CC-by-SA license (free to Remix, to reuse with attribution link)
Identity systemGoogle, Yahoo, Myopenid, Facebook, AOL, Blogger, LiveJournal, Wordpress, Verisign, Openid, ClaimID, ClickPass, Google Profile, Stackoverflow account.
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