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VE-Hotec VHS-4 XTreme

Home servers, Network Attached Storage (NAS)
VE-Hotec VHS-4 XTreme
Product details
Number of disks2 to 4, 3.5" SATA (II) 3Gb/s
Battery capacity8 Tb
Hot Plug
Disk modesRAID 0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD
Ethernet (LAN, RJ45) 1 RJ45 10/100/1000
USB support 6 USB 2.0
e-Sata SupportNo
Transfert rate90 MBytes/s
OS / Processor / RAMLinux Ve-hotec / AMD Athlon II x2 240e or Athlon II x4 605e / 2GBytes (up to 4 GBytes)
SecurityFirewall, User accounts management, HTTPs, FTPs
SD/MMC reader
Web Hosting
Surveillance station
Virtualization Support for virtualized hosting
Wake on LAN/WAN Since Firmware v1.5.0
OptionsTV Server
Noise Level (decibels)26 dBA max
Consommation32W to 63W
Altura26 cm
Ancho14 cm
Profundidad29 cm
Peso8 to 12 Kg
Precio€ 670
Home appliances
2011-02-02 21:31:21
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