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2022-03-09 10:38:23
Acadly vs Top Hat Comparison
AcadlyTop Hat
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Corporate Websitehttps://www.acadly.com
Voting technologyWeb based/ AppWeb Based/App
-- Asynchronous Content AccessOui Students and professors can engage with, and view the results of all activities outside and after the classroom as well.Oui Files in Classroom Module
-- Presentation ToolOui Survey results available on all student devices instantly. No Powerpoint plugin - data can be exported to CSV files.Oui Can present through PowerPoint using the Top Hat widget
-- Advanced Question TypesOui Multiple choice, True-False, Word Clouds, Poll or Survey options, shuffle options to personalize experience, hard/soft deadline behaviour.Oui 6 question types: Multiple Choice, Word Answer + Word Cloud, Sorting, Numeric, Click on Target, Matching
-- Student to Student InteractionOui Discussions and student-led Q&A, including voting, anonymous querying and comment reactions.Oui Discussion Tool, Anonymous Discussions
-- Accessibility FeaturesOui Screen-reading and keyboard navigation. VPAT available.Oui ADA readers
STUDENT FEATURES RATING0 aucune note4.3 4 notes
-- Integration with LMSOui LMS integration available in the premium (paid) version. Free version supports CSV exports.Oui Direct integrations available for leading LMS. Sync rosters and export grades instantly to LMS.
-- Multiple Device CompatibilityOui Available on Android App, iOS App, Desktop Website and Mobile Website.Oui SMS option for basic cell phones, smart phones, tablets, computers
-- Campus Wide Funding-OptionOui Available. Pay per active user model.Oui $30K-50K for17000 FTE
-- Vendor Faculty SupportOui In-built support with 24-hour turnaround time for all users, training videos, webinars and one-on-one demos.Oui Extensive Online Doc's, and Question Form
-- Vendor Student SupportOui In-built support with 24-hour turnaround time for all users.Oui Extensive Online Doc's, and Question Form
-- Game InteractionOui Leaderboard available to faculty. It is their discretion to share it with students.Oui Tournament with leaderboard
-- FERPA CompliantOui YesOui
-- Feedback to TeacherOui Several ways to reach out to the professor, including discussions and Q&A.Oui Instant Feedback to teacher, everything is saved in the Gradebook, can compare sessions or questions
-- Text/SMS ResponseNonOui Yes - offline mode and SMS option
-- Student Performance AnalyticsOui Students can access their performance statistics. Professors can export results any time.Oui Gradebook with student performance - Students and professors have access to their own accounts
Student License CostFree for individual classrooms. Pricing plans for university-wide use with LMS integration.$24 for 4 months, $36 for 12 months, or $72 for 5 yrs.
CommentairesIncludes one-tap attendance that discovers students in the professor's proximity at the tap of a button.Integration of PowerPoint, questions, pages, discussions, and quizzes. Really easy to use. Provides one-on-one training for professors.
Automatic attendanceOui Mesh network based one-tap attendance.Oui
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