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2019-01-07 14:09:03
Compare Angular5 vs React JS
Angular5React JS
Use forAngular 5 is used for building client applications in HTML and TypeScript.React JS helps you create interactive UIs.
Syntax simplicityAngular 5 syntax is complex. It appears difficult for the beginners.React JS syntax code is easy to write and understand
Binding data SupportsAngular 5 supports two-way binding of data.It supports only one-way data binding.
SupportsIt supports MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) template.React JS is based on the View only.
Focus onAngular 5 focuses on one-to-one correspondences in relations.React JS instead focuses on the data transferring mechanism.
FlexibilityDue to its complex syntax, it is rigid in nature.React JS is highly flexible and scalable
Written inAngular 5 is written using HTML and Typescript.UI components are created using Javascript.
Language understandabilityAngular is harder to learn and understand as typescript is harder than JSX.React JS is much simpler to learn and execute than any version of the Angular programming.
Development processBeing an open source framework it is easy to develop.Since React JS is not a framework it requires a third party library tools for its development process.


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