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Comparison chart of the stable versions of best PHP frameworks in order to help you to choose the PHP framework adapted to your specific needs: Agile Toolkit vs Banshee vs CakePHP vs CakePHP2 vs CodeIgniter vs Fat-Free vs FuelPHP vs Jelix vs Kohana vs Laravel vs Lithium vs Mako vs MkFramework vs PPI Framework vs Solar vs Symfony vs Symfony2 vs Yii vs Zend Framework vs Zend Framework 2 vs Zikula.


This part in the comparison table try to summarize the important features of the main PHP frameworks.

Object-relational mapping (ORM) are components that helps you to transform your databases access in a more friendly object oriented manner. Instead of manipulating records, you manipulate objects and could most of the time forget about all the SQL queries that goes behind the scene.

Code generation make developers life easier by creating files and default content automatically so you don't have to.

Edge Side Includes (ESI) allows, with a compliant gateway cache, to cache a page fully and to update only parts of the page that have changed.


This section is an important part, it helps you to directly go to the section essential when using a new framework: the tutorials and documentation. Have a look at the tutorial and documentation to get a quick view at the code verbosity, and the documentation quality.

Do not hesitate to add comparison criteria, other PHP Framework or simply leave a comment or rate the framework you know...

CodeIgniterSymfonyLaravelCakePHPYiiFat-Free (F3)Agile ToolkitFuelPHPJelixKohanaZend Framework 2PPI FrameworkMkFrameworkMoufOpenbiz CubiphalconPHPixieBansheeClanCatsFrameworkMakoSilex frameworkSlim frameworkSolarZikula
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Dernière version3.*@dev4.
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First version200620052005
Dépendances>= PHP 5.1.6>= PHP 5.5.9PHP >= 7.0.0, OpenSSL PHP Extension, PDO PHP Extension, Mbstring PHP Extension, Tokenizer PHP Extension, XML PHP Extension,>= PHP 7.2.8>= PHP 5.4>=PHP 5.3>=PHP5.3>= PHP 5.3>= PHP 5.2>= PHP 5>= PHP 5.3>= 5.3.0PHP >= 5.2>= PHP 5.3.2>=PHP5>=PHP 5.3.0>= PHP 5.3>= PHP 5.3.1>=PHP 5.3.0>=PHP 5.3.0>= PHP 5.2>= PHP 5.3
RétrocompatibilitéToute la branche 4.* , depuis 2009
Package code57336 0662 434
Internationalisation I18N / L10nlanguage classXML (XLIFF)
MySQL (via Bundle)
PHP array, gettext via extensiongettext, PHP arraygettext
PHP array
ICU/intlcallback gettext arrayPHP arrayXML File, PHP ArrayPHP Array, INI file, Gettext. Any other translator loader (XML, DB) can be implementedgettext, PHP arrayplugin_i18nFINEZend I18N has UI interfacePHP arraylanguage classlanguage classgettext
Génération de codeCLICLICLIYii CLI, Gii (Web based)DiscouragedCLICLIMkbuilder: générateur WebDiscouraged, use advanced configuration via dependency injection insteadhas built in Openbiz AppbuilderCLIModule Studio
ORMActiveRecordDoctrine 2 ou PropelELOQUENT ORM (active record)CustomDatabase Access Objects (DAO), Active Record (AR)Axon (SQL), M2 (MongoDB), and Jig (flat files)Agile Data ( (full domain logic mapping and NoSQL support)CustomData Access Object (DAO)CustomZend Db, intégration de doctrine 2 via composerDoctrine
Custom possibilité facilement d'utiliser un autre (doctrine par exemple)TDBM or DoctrineSupported Metadata Level ORMPHPixie ORMCCF ORM - DB\ModelThird party. Doctrine, Propel ...Doctrine
Type de cacheFile, apc, memcached, xcacheHTTP 1.1
File System, Database, Memcached, APC, Redis, Xcache, WinCache, Memory (Arrays)Memcache, APC File, APC, Memcache, RedisAPC,
APC, xCache, WinCache, Memcache, Filesystem, Shared memoryExtensible (Provided Session, Arrays)File, Redis, Memcache, APCFile, APC, Memcache, RedisAPC,
cache html de page complète et/ou de "zones"/"modules" du siteAPC, File, Memcache, Memory, or any Doctrine Cache implementationBased on Zend_CacheAPC,
Memcache / Memcached,


Dependency injection containerOuiOui With autowiringOuiOui With graphical interface, compatible with ContainerInterop
ServicesXML-RPCThird partySOAP / WebServicesOpenID, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Akismet, XML-RPC, SOAP, PingbackIntegrated with packagist.orgXML-RPC and many others provided on booster.jelix.orgZend Service ManagerAll ZF componentsWebServices
Systèmes de templatesPHP, Simple template parser "{var_name}"PHP, TwigBlade, PHP, CustomCustom but Smarty/Twig can be usedPHP and Prado's - Several others using Extensions (Razor, Smarty, Twig, etc)PHP, custom plugin, Twig, Haanga, Smarty, etc.Fast, simple built-in passive template enginePHP, Dwoo, HAML, JADE, Markdown, Mustache, Smarty, TwigjTplphtmlPHP
Built-in Twig supportSmarty and PHPPHPXSLTPHP, CCTemplatesPHPPHPSmarty
Web2.0jQuery HTML5boilerplateFull jQuery, jQuery UI, Grid System, Native AJAX,RestFulbuilt-in jQuery, extendable to any javascript frameworkJS-library agnosticFull jQuery, jQuery UI, Grid System, Native AJAX, Popovers, Custom JS widgetsJS-library agnosticjQueryjQuery
Twitter Bootstrap
built-in jQuery and PrototypeJS-library agnostic
Librairie de testPHPUnit (In development)PHPUnitPHPUnitPHPUnitPHPUnit, SeleniumBuilt-inPHPUnit or internal UI testing class.PHPUnitPHPUnitPHPUnitPHPUnitPHPUnitPHPUnit
Edge Side IncludesOui include tag only
Génération de codeCLICLICLIYii CLI, Gii (Web based)DiscouragedCLICLIMkbuilder: générateur WebDiscouraged, use advanced configuration via dependency injection insteadhas built in Openbiz AppbuilderCLIModule Studio
Générateur de couche modèleOui DoctrineBundle, PropelBundleOuiOui
Générateur de menuOui $menu->addItem('blah');OuiOui
Générateur de CRUDOui SensioGeneratorBundleOuiOui GiiOui $crud->setModel('Order');OuiOui Evolugrid and BCEOui
Gestion de logsOui PSR-3 compliantOuiOuiOui Audit Extension: ( PSR-3 compliantOui
User interfaceOui Built-in components and add-ons.Oui Oui : BuilderOui Extensible
Multiple databasesOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
XSSOui Built-inOuiOuiOuiOui Built-inOui addonOuiOui Via TwigOui
XSRFOui Built-inOuiOuiOuiOui Built-inOui addonOuiOui
SQL injectionOui Built-inOuiOuiOui Built-inOui Via TDBM or DoctrineOui
Auth moduleOuiOuiOuiOui Généré via le buider
Lines of code8312360
Number of files696
Request serving time ms50859462
Requests per second48042130
Site web
Github / Bitbucket / Sourceforge
Commercial SupportOui www.expressionengine.comOui http://cakedc.comOui
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  • Frameworks
  • This PHP frameworks comparison chart compares the best PHP frameworks: Banshee vs CakePHP2 vs CodeIgniter vs Fat-Free vs FuelPHP vs Jelix vs Kohana vs Laravel vs Lithium vs PHPixie vs Mako vs MkFramework vs Solar vs Symfony2 vs Yii vs Zend Framework
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    English Posté 2020-07-23 16:42:36 par Mahesh
  • Object-relational mapping (ORM) are components that helps you to transform your databases access in a more friendly object oriented manner. Instead of manipulating records, you manipulate objects and could most of the time forget about all the SQL queries that goes behind the scene
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  • That's an amazing table, never saw anything like it! I remember one PHP developer once told me that Laravel is the extended Symfony and 'uses' it in many ways. Or maybe it was vise versa. Don't really remember. It says a good PHP developer should know a few PHP frameworks - Is that true? Trying to figure out which framework is the best to start with.
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  • suggère de modifier Zend Framework 2 en mettant la valeur de Nom à Zend Framework
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  • I would go with Zend Framework 2 , as we are offering Outsourcing Services and most of the demand is coming for Zend Framwork.
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    i like it because its a very easy to use and also integrate a oop php
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    By far the most versatile, powerful and beautiful Framework. Its ORM, CI, ECHO, ELOQUENT, etc... are some of the feature the modern web dev should have
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  • Hi All. I have ordered frameworks by the number of "Likes" then alphabetically. Please don't mess up.
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    Fast :)
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    Version 3 is now commonly used.
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  • Discovering the site and its comparisons. Why are there 2 somewhat parrallel pages, ie in parallele with this one but some "columsn" have more content / data
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  • what's the source of those inforamtions is it a trusted source ?
    English Posté 2016-04-22 11:00:44 par Sejda Hajji
  • a voté pour Laravel (J'aime)
    good framework
    English Posté 2016-04-21 16:31:14 par Sejda Hajji
  • Where is CakePHP 3? Came out ages ago and is a game changer.
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