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Enterprise Medication Management


Compare Connected Medication Management vs Pharmacy Centric Medication Management vs IT Centric Medication Management vs Best of Breed Medication Management

Connected Medication ManagementEHR Centric Medication ManagementProduct Centric Medication Management
Inventory Management
Enterprise Perpetual Inventory-Central Pharmacy & Medication Storgae Locations
Enterprise Inventory Visability
Automated & Ultlization Based Procurement
Automated Replenishment & Technician Workflows
Supports Server Consolidation with Enterprise Model
Centralized Management: Formulary, Barcodes, and Users
IV Room Workflow
Automates Compounding process with "Hands Free" workflow
Barcode and Gravametrics with "In Process" Hard Stops
Prompts to use next available vial or Remnant for reduced waste
Image Capture with "remote" verification
Guided workflow with Documentation
Option to Route request for "replacement" IV per Infusion Status
Option to Capture Lot and Expiration Dates
Workflow Queues for Prioritization
IV Room Inventory Visibility
Medication Checking/Tracking
Order Status Visability & Tracking
Bar-coding along entire process
Facilitates Efficiency with Visibility on where to reroute labor within Medication Distribution Process
Enterprise Automated Dispensing
95% or greater of medications available in care area Via High Capacity/High Secure Drawers
Supports Automation in all care areas
Medication Security-Minimal use of "open" drawers/Limited to scope of Practice
Dynamic inventory verses static
Integrated with inventory management for replenishment
Closed loop Narcotic tracking with EMAR: Dispensed Vs. Administered
Centrally Manage All ES Servers globally: Formulary, Barcodes, and Users.
Infusion Devices
Power of One: One user interface. , One formulary data set/library to manage for all modalities per Server
Supports Server Consolidation. 8,000 PCUs and 32,000 modules on a single server
Manage Single Enterprise Drug Library, Data Set(s) and CQI reporting For All Modalities for All Servers
Auto population of orders(LVP &Syringe)-HIT integration
IV Status Visibility for pharmacy: Replacement, compliance, Monitoring
Integrated respiratory monitoring with ability to pause PCA/Opioid Infusion
Documentation to EMR flowsheet
Accurate capture of Start & Stop times for revenue capture
Enterprise Support of interoperability across multiple facilities on a common server.
Near Real-time infusion status dashboard (HealthSight Viewer)
IV Prep Integration - Un-used/returned bag and partial vial = waste reduction
Medication System Integration
Manage single Formulary across all solutions with Data Manager with HER integration
One Enterprise Interface Engine for all BD Medication Solutions
Globally manage all Servers for all BD Medication Products
Supports Enterprise "Command Center" For Solutions: Formulary, Users, Barcodes, Settings, Drug Library
Enterprise Medication Management
Enterprise Wide Proactive Diversion Management
Enterprise Medication Management Inventory Optimization
Actionable data from centralized location across all BD products
Centralized shortage management and redeployment
New formulary/Bar-code items centrally entered once and published to all BD Servers increasing efficiency and reducing risk of manual error
Drug standards centrally managed, and can be locked down at the facility level, enabling true enterprise standardization and management
Normalized Med ID across all BD servers enabling analytics and benchmarking across products, locations and organizations
Enterprise enforcement of IDN Medication standards
Compare Connected Medication Management vs Pharmacy Centric Medication Management vs IT Centric Medication Management vs Best of Breed Medication Management
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