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SocialCompare web application is the perfect comparison chart software to make nice and advanced products comparison charts, competitors matrix, product affiliates comparison tables, software comparisons, services comparisons and much more.

Both solutions do not require any technical skills, they are really easy to use. One is the public version, free to use and like Wikipedia hosts general and public information and comparisons. The second version, the pro edition enables everyone to make their own comparison engine about everything easily, at a very affordable price.

Lien is a crowdsourced and collaborative comparison engine about everything (products, software, services, people...) where everyone can participate to create and maintain data. It is a kind of "Wikipedia of comparisons" is the professional edition to build a personalized comparison engine about products, software, services, competitors, providers....
Make a comparison chartOui no technical skills requiredOui no technical skills required
Embed a comparison chartOui copy/paste an html codeOui copy/paste an html code
Customize embed tableOui colors, fonts, sizes...Oui colors, fonts, sizes...
Import dataOui CSV, HTMLOui CSV, HTML, XML
Export de donnéesNonOui CSV, HTML (and in other formats on request)
Criteria typestypesThe same criteria types + "button" criteria to make nice links (great for price button or affiliate link).
Add imagesOui link or uploadOui link or upload
Add videoOuiOui
Contenu multilingueOuiOui not activated by default
Ability to share on social networksOuiOui
Comments below comparison tableOui There are always comments activated below a comparison table.Oui not activated by default
Historique des modificationsOuiOui not visible by default
Build a comparison engineNon users can create comparison tables only (they do not edit categories and maintain the comparison engine itself)Oui
Manage categoriesNonOui easy drag and drop categories management
Private comparison engineNonOui Possible to use on Intranet with HTTPS protocol
Integrate "Add to Compare" buttonNonOui great for ecommerce to integrate the comparison engine to their existing online shop
Customize comparison engineNonOui
White label comparison engineNon All embed tables have a SocialCompare creditsOui In option, it is possible to remove SocialCompare credits and have a custom domain name.
Visual comparison sizes toolOui the visual comparison button appears on the top left corner of the table when at least 2 dimensions (height, width or depth) are filled in.Oui the visual comparison button appears on the top left corner of the table when at least 2 dimensions (height, width or depth) are filled in.
Usage example
  • Blogs: create a collaborative comparison about a topic the bloggers like, share with their readers, and embbed it into their blogs
  • Enterprises: create competitors products comparisons or add their own information to an on-going comparison matrix.
  • Passionates: create informative comparisons about everything to propagate information, knowledge or ideas about everything.
  • ...
  • Ecommerce: create a comparison shopping guide to help customers decisions and integrate "add to compare" button to their existing online shop
  • Affiliate Marketers: make detailed products, software or services comparison site with affiliate links of theirs partners. Create a consumer review site...
  • Enterprises: make easily a collaborative private site where all the team members can create and maintain data about competitors, providers, customers or elaborate marketing products comparisons report... Publish public pricing plans for their products or services and embed it into their corporate website.
  • ...
Data licensesOpen data (GNU FDL and CC-BY-SA-3)Private data
PrixFreeFrom 9.99€/mo
Compare SocialCompare web applications to make nice comparison charts
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